Interracial marriage/Dating: Meaning, benefits, disadvantages, and statistics

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There are unexpected places to find love. You must therefore be receptive to it at all times and in all places. You might end up involved in a mixed-race marriage, you never know.

Nowadays, seeing a happily married couple of different races is quite common. Interracial marriages have been steadily increasing since the historic Loving v. Virginia decision in the 1960s. The cultures and identities of many different people are exposed to children of interracial marriages.

Being married to someone of a different race is not entirely cool and cute. Challenges are presented by the couple or the outside world. Despite this, everyone should support the culture of interracial marriage.

What is interracial marriage?

A marriage between two people of different races or ethnicities is referred to as an interracial union. Such unions were previously illegal in countries like South Africa, Germany, and the United States. There are no restrictions anymore, which is why the number of people of mixed races is rising.

Disadvantages of interracial marriage

Lack of acceptance

Family, friends, and society frequently show prejudice toward interracial couples. They’ll be made fun of or subjected to offensive comments. In extreme cases, interracial marriages result in physical attacks simply because the attackers find the marriages offensive. Racism and racial profiling should be issues of the past because we live in the twenty-first century. Interracial marriages, however, may be hampered by the racism that persists in some facets of society.

Cultural difference

Interracial unions can be adorable and may have given birth to America’s first black president. However, there is a phenomenon known as culture shock in these unions. Interaction between couples might be challenging. An innocent gesture can be interpreted as a severe insult by a partner. When both partners in interracial marriage are unable to communicate in the other’s language, this adds to the cultural differences.

Different parenting styles

They say that love overcomes all obstacles. That isn’t always the case, particularly in marriage. Because it brings people from two very different worlds together, interracial marriage is particularly difficult. As a result, it will show in the way they raise their offspring. For instance, every mother in Africa or Asia is aware that spanking stubborn kids can be a good way to discipline them. Their Caucasian partners, however, might think otherwise. Couples fight over this, which could lead to bigger issues if they don’t make concessions.

Identity problem

Identifying with their race can be difficult for children of interracial marriages. They are unsure of whether they should identify as Asian, White, or Black. They are uncertain, Basketmouth’s voice says. Due to discrimination from their extended families, some of them also never learn about their ancestry.

Wrong motive

Some people enter into interracial unions with the wrong intentions. For instance, it is frequently asserted that Nigerians who marry white or Asian partners do so to ensure their financial security. Some involve interracial dating in order to have children of different races, while others do it for political or migratory reasons. They are all wrong, which could have disastrous results in either case.

Benefits of interracial marriage

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Diverse and healthier genes in biracial children

According to a 2015 University of Edinburg study, biracial children who are born with a more varied genetic background typically have better-thinking abilities and are taller. As a result of their genetic diversity, they also typically have the better lung capacity, educational attainment, and general cognitive ability. Additionally, since an interracial couple cannot pass on any possible recessive diseases to their offspring, a child’s genetic makeup is healthier as a result.

Exploring new cultures

This includes exploring new foods, dialects, ways of life, and acquaintances who may open one’s eyes to a different point of view. When we learn new things, life is good. Interracial couples can also celebrate different holidays and benefit from the stability of a big family. For instance, a white woman married to an Igbo man will celebrate the New Year’s festival while he celebrates Christmas the Oyinbo way. Isn’t it cute, though?

Reduces racism

Racism will significantly decline as more people accept interracial unions. No matter their racial differences, as long as you love someone, you will respect and treat them well.

A more rounded parenting style

You will be able to raise your children in a more balanced way once you are able to overcome the tension in your parenting styles caused by your disparate cultural backgrounds. Both cultures undoubtedly have advantages and disadvantages. To assist your kids in becoming more well-rounded adults, you can take advantage of their strengths.

Lots of travel

Couples of different races frequently travel for various reasons. Either to go see family, to go to a significant event, or just to go on vacation somewhere else. Traveling to new places is enjoyable, especially when the family is present.

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Interracial marriage statistics

According to Pew Research Center, interracial marriage has increased from 3% to 17% as of 2015 since the United States lifted the ban on it in 1967. The study also reveals that black newlyweds have experienced the most dramatic increases in intermarriage, which has tripled from 5% in 1980 to 18% in 2017.

Additionally, intermarriage between Asian and Hispanic people is much more common in the US (27% of marriages). The Pew study also found that intermarriage is more common among Hispanics who were born in the United States, with 39% of Hispanics and nearly half (46%) of Asian newlyweds reporting having a spouse of a different race or ethnicity.

Sadly, there is no accurate data available for interracial marriage in Nigeria. But we are aware that it does occur. Consider the Nollywood actors Ufuoma McDermott and Uche Jombo, who are each wed to white English and American Puerto Rican men. They are just a few of the many lesser-known Nigerians around the world.

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