How To Reduce Bounce Rate On Your Ecommerce Website: 7 Expert Tips

A higher bounce rate is a common problem faced by many eCommerce companies. But what does bounce rate mean anyway? When visitors land on your eCommerce website, spend only a few seconds and then exit without checking out another page. When this happens consistently, it can negatively affect the search engine ranking of your eCommerce website. So, how to reduce the bounce rate and improve customer engagement for eCommerce? Let’s find out!

How to calculate the bounce rate of your website?

The bounce rate is a clear indicator of how your audience interacts with your eCommerce website. You can calculate it by adding the total number of one-page visits and then dividing it by the total number of entries. Or, when you divide the duration of single-page sessions by all sessions, you get the bounce rate of your website.

How to reduce your eCommerce bounce rate?

If you are planning to sell your products online successfully on your website, you should definitely consider having 

If you’re running an eCommerce website and planning to sell your products online successfully and in case your audience leaves even without making a purchase, you must fine-tune your website to reduce the bounce rate. Here are some quick methods to do so.

Improve the load time of your website

Nobody likes a slow-loading website. If the pages of your eCommerce website take a lot of time to load, it can easily frustrate the visitors, giving them a legit reason to leave your online platform. So, make sure your eCommerce website loads within 5 Here are some techniques to speed up your eCommerce website:

  • Discard any query strings related to static pages
  • Edit the .htaccess file to optimize your website for speed
  • Optimizing images via plugins
  • Use tools to assess the current speed

Work on your content’s readability

When you churn out your content for your website, keep your audience in your mind. If the content is not easily readable, it won’t get much attention from your website visitors. This could be one of the main reasons why visitors exit your website without checking out other pages. Here is what you can do:

  1. Avoid large chunks of text
  2. Add more subheadings
  3. Use short and easy words

Ensure your eCommerce website is mobile-friendly

People nowadays are more inclined to do mobile shopping. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it would become difficult for your potential customers to view the products and their descriptions. Mobile-optimized websites take less time to load, thereby enhancing the overall browsing experience of your customers. Here are a few tips you can put to use:

  • Use clutter-free menus & navigation 
  • Make sure your CTA is interesting and easily visible 
  • Choose a responsive theme 
  • Offer your customers a quick way to contact the customer support team 
  • Always add a search button

Find and fix usability issues

Usability issues often add to your eCommerce website’s high bounce rate. If your website visitors are unable to access either some features/parts of the entire website, they won’t think twice before leaving your online shopping platform. These are some of the most common issues you need to fix:

  • 404 errors 
  • Technical glitches 
  • Broken links 
  • Drop-down menus that don’t work properly

Have a clear CTA (call-to-action)

Once you start getting visitors to your eCommerce website, it’s time to turn them into customers via a compelling and clear CTA. Every time a customer goes to your website to buy something, he/she should get a clear idea of where to click to complete the purchase. If your CTA doesn’t stand out from the remaining content of your website, it can fail to grab the attention of your potential customers. It can make a huge difference! To reduce the bounce rate of your eCommerce website, make your CTA as compelling as possible.

Attract the right audience

If your eCommerce website is not pulling in the right audience, it can also lead to a higher bounce rate. How to ensure you are targeting the right audience? This is where the usage of the right keywords becomes crucial. Make sure you use relevant content and keywords to market your website.

Display your top deals upfront

One thing that people love on e-commerce websites is deals. Especially the ones which are time bound, as they create a sense of urgency and hook potential customers onto the product, eventually luring them into purchasing it.

Deals are widely used by eCommerce companies to improve sales. You can use time-bound deals to lure more visitors and turn them into customers. To make that happen, you need to showcase the top deals and offers on the homepage itself. If you’re offering limited-time deals, create separate banners and display them in the first or the second fold of your website.

Summing it up!

So, those are some of the tactics you can use to reduce the bounce rate of your eCommerce website. By controlling the bounce rate, you can bring in more sales and higher revenue for your online business. Try out these methods and see the results yourself!

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