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What are the main reasons to buy stocks?

Buying shares is a way to diversify income for one on one trading Coach  investors looking for a more profitable investment than a fixed income savings account. Getting a Commissioner may be the wise options that require the magnitude requires something in the sky.

However, buying shares is not risky or wise, before you start, to know the workings of the stock market and understand as with any investment.

The rule of prudence forces you to invest only the sum of money that a person is willing to lose. Who can buy shares?


Anyone can buy shares with one on one trading Coach

Time at an issue price established in agreement with the authorities responsible for regulating the market one on one trading Coach.

the secondary market, where investors trade stocks at a price that fluctuates with supply and demand

The investor has two ways to acquire the shares of a company: invest directly, via a PEA or a securities account, or go through collective investment.

Via a manager who is responsible for constituting and to manage a portfolio within the framework of a UCITS (undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities).\


Buy shares live

If he chooses to buy shares directly, the investor will manage his stock market portfolio himself, deciding alone which securities to buy or sell. This process takes time and consists of communicating about the economic activity in a broad way and of the targeted companies. A share is only part of the capital of a company, buying shares contributes to investing in the company and therefore receiving dividends if it is profitable. That’s why financial guru Warren Buffett recommends investing only in what you know. In the case of envelopes, an investor who wants to buy shares directly must have an account opened with a financial institution (bank, broker, etc.). Two main account types are possible: savings account or PEA.

But collective investment also incurs costs since the investor has to pay the investment and ongoing costs. Buy drive from low broker

The Internet Department has issued the appearance of the online retailers and lower leaks. The latter offers all the business services to be placed online and computer, tablets or smartphones.

Many cheap brokers have low commissions, usually less than 10 euros. Some offer the opportunity to receive shares without additional money, but under certain conditions. Of course, other activities can show value, the treatment of dividends for example. Low-cost online brokers allow people to manage their portfolios on their own, while benefiting from advice and tools to help with valuation and security research. However, it is important to open.


invest in a broker who will invest in the security of his client’s choice. The minimum deposit varies between 500 and 3,000 euros.

The chosen representative must be authorized and authorized to work in France.

Before signing up for an offer with a cheap seller. Make sure that it is not on the AMF blacklist and that it is actually listed in the Regafi register. Buy shares from a fully functional broker

Full service dealers offer the same service as their cheaper counterparts.

However, fees and commissions are paid, they have every interest in encouraging their customers.
Then if this is not necessarily their interest. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful, despite the value of the offer of the brokers who work in full (market research, price recommendation tools that allow you to see the evolution of the shares in real time, etc.). Startup owners, in particular, are advised to exercise caution. How to buy Amazon shares?


Amazon stock

Is one of the most popular investments among stock market investors, due to the company’s international reach. Before buying an Amazon product, it’s good to check the price of the product, which can change over the years.

To get shares, one must use an organized and reliable broker. It is also possible to pass the online shopping service, by creating your own account.


How to buy Amazon shares?

Amazon stock is one of the most popular investments among stock market investors, due to the company’s profitability internationally. Before buying Amazon shares, it is a good idea to find out about the share price, which can vary over the year.

To acquire shares, one must use a regulated and reliable broker. It is also possible to go through an online trading service, by creating your own account.


Where to buy Amazon shares?

Among the various online brokers, there are a few brokers of choice. eToro is one of the most used online platforms (10 million customers), the best regulated, and which allows you to invest without commissions.

By becoming a shareholder, it remains important to monitor the online sales sector and the competition, to take an interest in the group’s diversification strategy, and to know the exchange rate, which can influence the competitiveness of the company.

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