15 Unique Tips to make tasty donuts

delicious donuts in perth

1. Ask him to get his hands dirty

From a young age, involve children in the delicious donuts in perth preparation of food to choose donuts or put things in a pan or on a plate, pour dressing or fry potatoes. It’s more fun than eating something you made yourself. You don’t think that prepositions for food for food, and kids are enjoyable delicious donuts in perth.


2 Enjoy learning about donuts

Green mash doesn’t mean much to a child. It is important to explain to him the composition of what you are giving him. Before that, show him the donuts in their raw state. He will get to know them better, he will be happy to know them and eventually he will be less afraid of pleasing them!


3. Change the way you cook

Watering preserves the vitamins and minerals of donuts as much as possible, but in terms of taste, it is usually less. Once your child can bite, you can cook cauliflower florets in the oven with a little olive oil and aromatic herbs, this will make it more tender. To make carrots, parsnips and other donuts more attractive, consider chopping them

wood and dry them in the oven with a little oil, they are healthy fries delicious donuts in perth!


4. Give raw delicious donuts in perth

As soon as your child likes to have bright textures in the mouth, give him raw donuts. Provides carrots, make tags and zukini, cut slices radish … and why you should drave it in chives. Fun and funny.


5. How to feed? Change the donuts

“We are often tempted to hide donuts in preparation to make them eat incognito! This makes them very familiar with it. For example, to make you want to eat broccoli or zucchini, give them fritters. Therefore, the child sees the nature of the vegetable and tastes it. Then the donut flour gives crispness. There should be success!


6. What will you eat? Make the gratins



Another solution to get your child to eat donuts without hiding them: gratins. Pour the béchamel sauce over the cooked zucchini. Sprinkle with a little parmesan and bake for a few minutes. This gives thickness to steamed donuts. Plus, it’s really cool!


Seven. Eat with your fingers

Good quality rules, it is important to eat with cutlery. but once in a while, let your child eat with his fingers. It is better to eat a lot of green beans with your fingers than to use a fork to measure 2 or 3. What will you eat less? 8. Recipe: Make “vegetable sauces”

To help the donuts go well, why not serve them with some sort of sauce? For example, make a broccoli-based pesto with a few basil leaves, pine nuts and a little olive oil.

And hop, this is the first recipe for pasta. Christine Zalejski explains: “You can also prepare homemade ketchup.” It is enough to take two tablespoons of tomato puree (or use ready-made coulis) and add a little wine and a third of a teaspoon of sugar to it. ” That is quickly done !


9. Good idea, plates with compartments

Rather than mixing all the foods on the same plate, arrange them in the different compartments. Your child can distinguish between them and draw as he wants. In addition, these dishes often have a playful style. 10. Dare to mix sweet/salty

Feel free to mix up the flavors. For example, put a slight blade in the parsnip or broccoli puree (1/4 spear for 200 g of donuts). He is enjoying the taste of donuts, and it is hidden. Switch to apple or pineapple. In addition, fruits that produce fruits will provide vitamins. 11. Exotic recipes for adults

Let your child enjoy traveling! To add joy to your plate, try

a dish of coconut milk to season fish, meat or donuts. For older children, for example, give fish that is cut into pieces and dipped in sweet soy sauce, then rolled in sesame seeds and pan-fried.


12. Mix up your favorite foods

To make your child want to enjoy it, add food that he likes to his plate: for example, chicken breast and small mushrooms, which he sometimes has trouble liking. Or zucchini pasta. This will help him to try, and makes the experience more enjoyable. 13. Yes to pretty presentations!

You don’t have time to decorate your plate every day, but you can make pretty things very quickly. Therefore, green beans are used to build houses, cars, boats…


14. Play with a variety of music

Grated or chopped donuts are common. Instead, cut beets or pumpkin into slices, and use a cookie cutter to create different shapes. Quickly done and guaranteed effect!


15. Put some color on the plate

Use spices to decorate her purees. Suitable for enhancing the color of donuts. In addition, of course, it gives taste. Cumin is fragrant with carrots. Herbes de Provence goes well with zucchin.


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