How To Manage Abortion Regret After Taking Medicine For Abortion In Dubai

Abortion Regret

Many people experience no after-effects after an abortion with Medicine for Abortion in Dubai. In fact, the majority of women respond positively to abortion and feel comfortable and confident that they have made the right decision. But some people may feel sad, lost, regretful, or remorseful.

This may surprise you because of its unpredictability and because you probably haven’t told many people about abortion or feel safe sharing it now.


A lot of people have the situation, “That was my problem. I made the right decision, so I should be able to fix it on my own now, right?” not necessary. Unexpected reactions and emotions after an abortion are common. You may feel sadness, depression, trouble, anxiety, sleeplessness, low self-esteem, emotional paralysis, bad dreams, or flashbacks for weeks or months after having your abortion.

Role of hormones

In the first few days, the hormones return to pre-pregnancy levels. This chemical change can lead to feelings of sadness and tears, but if you can’t process these and other completely normal reactions you’re experiencing, you could be suffering from the post-abortion syndrome, which can lead to painful stress.

Symptoms Of Post Abortion Syndrome:

You may find it hard to stop feeling about abortion but you keep telling yourself to forget it and move on with your life.

Inability to see books, magazines, movies, television programs, or other people related to or reminding you of children, pregnancy, or miscarriage

You start to feel very uncomfortable around pregnant women or young children

Do not tell your family, friends or your doctor that you have had an abortion with Medicine for Abortion in Dubai


You are preoccupied with thoughts about the children you could have, what they would be like now, etc.

At certain times of the year, such as the anniversary of abortion or around the due date, you may feel very emotional or depressed.

Thoughts of others

Unforgivable and very upset that your partner, friends or family didn’t support or attend your abortion (if you didn’t tell them, even if you did).

Anger or resentment towards the doctors or nurses who arranged or cared for the abortion

You now realize that you are not using birth control and you may unknowingly put yourself in a situation where you could get pregnant again.

Looking for romantic intimate relationships and difficult intimate relationships since abortion

have a period of sadness or depression that lasts longer than 3 weeks after the abortion

You have had suicidal thoughts since the miscarriage

You had unconscious memories of abortion or hallucinations (such as hearing a baby cry when no one is around)

Your thoughts about your children

If you currently have children, worry about being overprotective/compensatory if you smother them with love or that you are currently unable to bond with them

If you don’t have children, you begin to fear that you will never have children.

I don’t feel free to talk to anyone about abortion

The feeling of being “not allowed” to be happy again after what happened

What is certain is that every person is unique, as are feelings after an abortion. The emotions are complex and the stigma against abortion is social, religious, cultural, and deep-rooted. There is nothing wrong with asking for help and support during this difficult time. Post-abortion syndrome is very real and can be overcome with help.

Some ideas on what you can do to start your recovery:

  • Allow yourself to express your sadness and sorrow. It doesn’t always feel that way. Talking about it helps alleviate these feelings.
  • If you can’t or don’t want to talk to someone, start a private journal or journal where you can express your feelings about it.
  • Look for blogs, articles, or books written by women about their abortion experiences.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself. Speak positively to yourself. You’re a nice person, you’re a moral person, and you did what you thought was right.
  • Recall your decision on why you decided to have an abortion with Medicine for Abortion in Dubai
  • It was a tough decision and remember you were strong and brave all the time.
  • Do mindfulness, breathing, or relaxation exercises to reduce stress.
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