What Are the Various Areas of Creating An Automated Webinar Sales Funnel?


Reaching your sales can be difficult without some practical tools. Hence, many short, mid, and large-scale organizations rely on automated webinars. The best webinar platform shares various features and functionalities that can be helpful in making the webinar a seamless and immersive experience for your audiences. You can boost the interactivity, engagement, and networking opportunities at your event with the right choice of solutions.

You can increase the sales funnel with your webinar by focusing on the areas. Still, many people are confused about the automated webinar, its benefits, and things that can help you boost your sales efficiently. Let’s explore this blog for all the advantages and areas to focus on for automated webinars.

What Is an Automated Webinar?

An automated webinar is a pre-recorded video schedule that goes on air automatically without any host. You can pre-program the features like polls, questions, handouts, and CTAs that will be triggered at particular times throughout your webinar.

SaaS customer success teams host 100+ onboarding and training webinars in a month. Also, the automated webinars save their time as they just have to spend 2-4 hours answering the queries of audiences. It has boosted its sales and revenue by 6X with just an idea.

SaaS sales teams host automated webinars for self-service product demos. Now, the sales team saved their hours from demoing everyone regardless of their qualification to use the platforms.

What Are the Benefits of Automated Webinars?

There are Must-Know Benefits of Organizing a Webinar you can get with automated webinars. Here are some shared:

  • You can gain more time for other works saved from the time you have to invest in a live webinar.

  • Get a boost in your user attendance rates. Everyone will reach out and join the event as they are getting an on-demand webinar broadcasting.

  • The top online webinar platform can be helpful in keeping your audiences engaged throughout the event. You can get a lot of features such as polls, questions, handouts, and CTAs.

  • Your audiences can also use the live chat, audio, and video calling option for direct 1-on-1 communication.

  • Offer a high-quality webinar experience every time, as you will get the freedom to perfectly record the best version of your presentation.

4 Areas of Creating An Automated Webinar Sales Funnel!

  1. Build A Registration Page That Speaks Clearly

You have to create a registration page for your audiences where they can fill in all the required information and register for your webinar. However, it is essential that you share everything about your webinar clearly on this page and even create a form with defined data to fill.

Hence, you need a landing microsite that only the top virtual webinar platforms provide to their clients. You can share all information, from date to time to topic to speaker to schedule to agenda on this microsite. Also, you can add a link to this microsite while promoting the webinar over email, content, social media, and more.

  1. Drive Traffic to Your Webinar Registration Page

You have to use the best practices in order to reach maximum audiences. Furthermore, start with social media streaming channels.

  • Hire an influencer and ask them to make engaging content to grab the audience’s attention without hassle. These influencers have millions of followers. It will be enough if at least 100 are interested in your webinar.

  • Then get some expert content writers and publish various press releases and guest blogs. You can use your websites as well as other event listing websites to share your webinar date and time.

  • You can create some personalized emails for your registered audiences and loyal ones. It will give them a feeling of connection as you acknowledge them with their names. Also, it sounds more professional than anything else.

Also, you can get paid ads and many more ways to promote your webinar.

  1. Make Attendees Reach and Join the Event On Time

You have to keep reminding your audiences that they have a webinar to attend. Just develop an email template for the last 10 days and 2 – 15 minutes from the webinar. It will be helpful to keep your audiences know that the webinar is coming. Furthermore, make it personalized by adding the names of your registrants so they feel important and recognized.

Also, you can use WhatsApp automation to message the audience directly. Global people use the same app, which can be a beneficial way to get in their notice. Just plan all the messages and schedule the send time for every one of them.

  1. Integrate Enticing Features for More Effective Webinar

  • Top-Notch Customization: You can choose a webinar platform that offers a complete personalization option. This way, you can design and build a webinar of your desire. Hence, you can add various features, images, videos, content, and numerous ideas to create an ambience as per your wish.

  • Brilliant Branding: You can display various images, brochures, flyers, gifs, videos, and any type of content in your event ambience. It will help to make your audience remember your brand logo, name, and offerings better. Also, you can use your sponsor’s and partners’ content to display on your webinar and promote them.

  • Dynamic Device Support: Ensure you have multiple device support. Your audiences must be able to join with a PC, laptop, mobile, tablet, iPad, or anything they want without hassle.

  • Fun Gamification: Integrate the AR/VR games to keep your audience busy at your webinar in the break time as well. They can play and win exciting scores. Also, you can send some giveaways to the top 10 students.

  • 24*7 Backend Support: Your audiences may face any technical issues accessing your webinar. Hence, choose the webinar platform that provides expert help 24/7 for everyone.

  • On-Demand Webinar Possibilities: Record and share the webinar with your audiences via the only sign-in and password log-in.

  • 100% Safety and Security: You can ensure that only the registrants can access the webinar saving it from cyber-attacks and threats.

  • 3rd Party Integration for Ease: The interactive webinar platforms will increase the communication chances with the audiences by allowing third-party integrations in your webinar. For instance, WhatsApp, Zoom, Hubspot, Razorpay, MS team, BlueJeans, Google Meet, PayPal, etc.

So, these are the various areas of creating an automated webinar sales funnel. You can attain sure success if you pick the right webinar services. They offer numerous features and functionalities that increase engagement, interaction, and networking opportunities without hassle in your event.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in learning all about an automated webinar as well as boosting the sales funnel by focusing on the right aspects.

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