7 Steps to Take the CCNA Training by Self-Study

CCNA Training

In IT and Cybersecurity, certifications are essential, particularly for those looking to start their careers with no prior knowledge. Some people will question whether a tech certification is achievable through self-study. In this post, I’ll provide an easy-to-follow guideline to clear the Cisco CCNA Training test by yourself using self-study if you are interested.


Do you think you can get through the CCNA Training with self-study?


The exam to pass the Cisco CCNA Training test requires practical experience and an understanding of the concepts of computer networking. However, these abilities can be acquired through self-study using widely available online training tools and software.

Learning more about my seven-step process can be used to study and pass the Cisco CCNA entirely through self-study. If you’re not ready to take the CCNA at the moment, take a look at my post on what you need to do before deciding on the CCNA.


My CCNA Self-Study Process


Begin using the Packet Tracer


The first step to earning the CCNA independently involves downloading, installing, and understanding the basics of the Packet Tracer software program.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, Packet Tracer is a free software program. So that is downloadable and available for download, create and provide from Cisco. So that functions as a model for troubleshooting and configuration concepts that are taught at the CCNA level.

In Packet Tracer, it is possible to gain access to the simulated Cisco equipment and Cisco IOS. In this Cisco IOS operating system, you can test configuring various networking concepts taught in the CCNA.

Packet Tracer does not include the entire Cisco network equipment, and it does not include all the necessary commands to obtain higher-level Cisco certifications. However, it’s the ideal instrument for self-study on this CCNA certification.

A short tutorial on the program

Cisco will require you to sign up and maybe complete a short tutorial on the program to complete the download. Then, please install the program on your computer and learn the basics of its operation, that is, knowing the steps to include, edit and set up the essential connections and devices, including router switch, PC direct through cables, and cross-over cables and the console cable.

To find out what you should know regarding Packet Tracer, you can go through the numerous video tutorials available on YouTube. Make sure you know the basics now so you can utilize the program in the coming steps. Find my article on time-saving tips for working with Packet Tracer here.


Get a CCNA Course book and Start Your Review


To succeed in IT or cybersecurity, you must master the basics of studying technical books. Learning the right textbook for technical certification is crucial to passing a certification exam.

In the second step, take a textbook for the latest model of the CCNA test and Prince2 Training Melbourne start to read for between 30 and 60 minutes each day from the book. You’ll have to study and comprehend all the information in the book and also be able to remember it. It’s, therefore, crucial to start your study immediately and keep up with the book. Because since the information can easily lost if you take long breaks from studying. The CCNA isn’t an easy test, as I’ll explain in this article, so it’s essential to keep up with your studying habits.

Prepare for this exam

The most effective textbooks to prepare for this exam are from Cisco Press. Cisco is the first to know what topics will be include in each version of their exam and guarantees. So that, at a minimum, the most crucial issues require for the test are include in their textbooks. Each other publisher gets the books from a secondary source.

There are textbooks available for the CCNA at no cost at the local library, at your college library, or to buy. Make sure you’re purchasing the correct edition specifically design. So for the exam you’re schedule to take, and search for any free material the publisher has included in the book.

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