Which color is more in demand in new cars for sale in Dubai?


The color of a car is not always a key criterion when you buy new car in Dubai. Despite this, it is still quite significant for most buyers.

Top 5 Demanding Car Colors in Dubai


White is the most demanding color to buy new car in Dubai. It represents honesty and purity. It also expresses a desire to stand out from the crowd or stand out in style. More expensive or new cars for sale in Dubai convey an air of opulence and luxury, showing the owner’s taste and style. If you’re seeking a new or used car and you’re drawn to color, you’re probably looking for mental clarity. Maybe you are one of those individuals who strive for perfection but sometimes find that simplicity is more enjoyable.


The second most sought-after color to buy new car in Dubai is Black. Can you have any idea why that is? That’s correct! Black is the only color that can protect your car from the damaging effects of a sandy, windy night in the UAE. It also symbolizes style and power, which is why it is one of the demanding colors for luxury cars. You probably want to make a statement or an impression if you have a black car. Or perhaps you’re just too busy to wash and clean your vehicle after every dust storm.


It does not matter which manufacturer or model it is; it’s difficult to ignore a red car, right? Red is the third most demanding new car color in Dubai. Driving a red car will come across as an attention seeker, so it’s maybe not a good color choice for reserved or shy people. However, this does not negatively affect your personality but also indicates that you are a motivated and ambitious person. You are likely to be a person who enjoys parties and is confident in pursuing his or her goals.


Blue is the fourth most popular car color in the United Arab Emirates. It represents stability, growth, and a practical attitude to life. If blue is your color of choice, you are likely a friendly and fun person with a calm and positive personality. Other individuals perceive blue drivers as calm, compassionate, and honest. Whatever the reason for selecting this blue color, it is certain that on an otherwise gray and bleak road, these cars cant act as welcome flashes of a blue sky.


Silver is the fifth most demanding color to buy new car in Dubai, and its versatility and neutrality make it the perfect color for various car types. The silver, metallic sheen reflects an evolution in modern technology, and driving a silver car expresses an appreciation for this advancement. Technological advancements allow automobile manufacturers to introduce augmented reality (AR) dashboards. Silver, a neutral color often used in business settings and executive offices, is ideal for people with a busy lifestyle. The shiny finish of this watch helps to keep the dirt under control.

Factors that can Influence Your Choice of Car Color

Choosing the right car color can be challenging, though. Besides aesthetics, other factors such as personal taste, maintenance, and resale value influence your choice of color.

Let’s explore these factors to help you make the best decision possible.

Personal Taste

When choosing a color to buy new car in Dubai, the buyer’s taste is probably the most crucial aspect.

Color preferences often show an individual’s personality. People who want to stand out usually prefer bold, bright colors that draw attention, like red, green, or yellow. Colors like white, black, silver, and gray can appeal to those looking for simplicity.

Opting for a color you admire will enhance your driving experience and your satisfaction with your car. You will be happier with your car when it comes in a color that suits you well.


Color maintenance of a new car can be a difficult task. Aside from pearl tones, other colors like red require careful maintenance as scratches, dirt, and grime are easy to spot.

White, gray, and silver are the easiest colors to clean. In contrast to most dark colors, lighter shades show hardly any dirt. Darker colors require more effort to look attractive. The darker the color, the more scratches you will notice, and the longer you will need to polish the body panels.

Dark metallic tones are also more prone to wear and tear and require more maintenance. However, these shades are most striking when cared for properly.

Resale Value

A car’s color can affect its resale value. Many buyers select white, black, silver, or grey cars as they retain their resale value better. If you buy a flashier color car, you may have trouble selling it.

There is a misconception that darker shades like red boost insurance premiums. However, this is not the case. The car color does not affect its insurance. The only things insurance agencies care about, among other things, are the make and model of your sedan and how much it costs to replace and maintain it.


There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to car color. Your personal preferences will determine the right type of color to buy a new car in Dubai. However, there are logical reasons why certain colors may be attractive. For instance, neutral colors come in over a third of the cars on the market, and the percentages for sporty colors like red or blue are slightly lower. In most cases, however, buyers buy new car in Dubai because they want an aesthetically pleasing color regardless of statistics showing popular appeal based on color.

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