What are the Different Types of Machine Embroidery Stitches?

Machine Embroidery Stitches


The sewing method is the basic difference between hand embroidery and machine embroidery. Hand embroidery allows the use of a wide variety of stitches, threads, and fabrics. Each piece is unique, thanks to the embroiderer who made them. Machine embroidery is very consistent when you sew multiple pieces, each piece will be identical, that’s the magic of embroidery digitization.

Disadvantages of Hand Embroidery

  • You may want to customize an embroidered item for a number of reasons. 
  • It is hand stitched by artisans and can leave a hole in your pockets. 
  • Also, there will always be doubts about whether the load will come out for you. 
  • The results of manual products are often completely incompatible with those of machine production. 
  • There is also the risk of trading quality versus quantity. 
  • What are you doing? We recommend a machine embroidery service.


Advantages of Machine Embroidery

There are many advantages to choosing an embroidery machine. Some of them are: 

  • Has exactly the same design for each piece, perfect design.
  • fast response time, lower cost, more precision, and unlimited options.
  • What is Digitizing? Types of stitches in Machine Embroidery


Digitizing embroidery technology is difficult to master. Has its own language and takes time to learn, understand and appreciate. Obviously, the better the user interface of software, the more the digitizer can do. Even the simplest functions can confuse new users.


When learning to digitize, it also becomes necessary to understand the different types of stitches that are used and when they should be used. Digital embroidery is not an easy process; it has many complex aspects. Even if you don’t know enough about welds and their types, don’t be afraid to hire MigDigitizing to get a good job done according to your requirements.

Embroidery stitch type; the concept!

A common term for embroidery keys is also embroidery swings. The needle drop is the number of needles, and for every thousand stitches designed, the needle drops a thousand times. The bonus depends on the number of points, so you need to keep track of the number of numbers. There are different types of points that should be used with proper knowledge and understanding of the drawing results:


Satin Stitch

It is one of the most used techniques, and it is called a jump stitch. It works according to left and right techniques. If you are working with a body of less than 1 cm, satin stitch is the best choice for the best look. It features a basic brick and satin fabric, interlaced and quilted, and long and short varieties to accentuate the machine-made satin stitch.

Tatami Stitch

It is often called the fill stitch. To achieve the real beauty of the fabric, these stitches are used because they cover more than 1 cm of area. That is, they cover a large area and give a very smooth appearance, and the tatami effect can be customized with different gradations and shapes.

Zigzag Stitch

This stitch is similar to the satin stitch and looks like a left and right zigzag stitch. The only difference that can be determined individually is the distance between the dots. If they are too close together, the dots are more likely to be satin, but the zigzag stitch is from one corner to the other. Satin is just a straight line at an angle.

Steil stitch

This is again similar to satin, except it is a zigzag pattern that is just one line to keep the thickness even, recommended for satin work. the frame

Cross stitch

The cross stitch is used by different types of embroidery designers, and it is one of the most popular types of stitches in hand embroidery because it has many transitions, such as a half cross, full cross, quarter cross, etc. Some folks also use this type in their logo digitizing.

When the client presents the design to you, you should be able to identify the background and foreground points, and you should be able to trace the design. At MigDigitalizing, we have a team of professionals with a strong sense of direction to provide you with all the right sewing options to bring your products to life.

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