Types And Choices Of Blinds For Home


Interior home decoration is all about choosing the ideal flooring, furniture, window treatments, wall treatment, etc. Speaking of modern interior decor, window treatments play an important role not only to complete the room’s design but also to add a lot of functional worth to the interior.

Nowadays, there are many different choices available for window coverings like blinds, curtains, shades, drapes, and window films.

However, Fixit Blinds are the modern and most popular option because of many reasons. And, before choosing from a wide variety of textures, colors, and styles of blinds, you need to select the ideal type of blinds for your home that satisfies your personal concerns and also fulfills all the interior decor requirements.

And having that said, let’s explain to you that there is a seemingly infinite number of options to have a selection in case of blinds. This can make you feel overwhelmed and chaotic, in case you’re choosing blinds as your window coverings for the first time.

Different Window Blind Options For Residential Usage

But, you need not worry because we’re going to eradicate this confusion for you once-and-for-all by explaining all the different types of blinds for home windows. We’ve done extensive research on this topic to help you select the ideal type of blinds for your home by making an informed decision.

1. Vertical Window Blinds

If you’re looking for picture-perfect blinds that can cover the floor to the ceiling area of your home windows, then there could be nothing better than vertical blinds as your window coverings. These blinds comprise vertical slats and are mostly manufactured using synthetic fabrics.

You can choose to have these blinds in plain as well as patterned textures, that too, in a versatile spectrum of different colors. The vertical slats of these blinds allow them to move at 180 degrees thus, creating perfect interior illumination besides maintaining just the perfect amount of privacy. Also, the top portion of these blinds contains a headrail or track rod, and the bottom part is put together using astonishing beads, cords, and a string.

2. Venetian Blinds For Home Windows

Venetian blinds are ideal for irregular-shaped home windows because these can hide any irregularities in the window design and shape perfectly, thus creating a seamless and regular window appearance. Mostly, Venetian blinds are manufactured using wood but blinds comprising high-quality PVC are also available.

Speaking of the operation, these blinds are tilt functional meaning the slats are moved up and down for opening and closing of the blinds respectively. These blinds are affordable besides offering ease of cleaning and maintenance as well.

3. Roller Blinds

Apart from the above-mentioned options, roller blinds can help you enjoy a complete blackout experience in the room, however, the extent of blackout depends on the choice of fabric. These blinds, as the name suggests, are rolled up and down for opening and closure.

You can easily find a broad range of colors, textures, fabric, designs, patterns, and styles for roller blinds thus, making the word “versatile” come to life practically. You can operate these blinds via a cord or string attached to one side of the blinds.

4. Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are just like Venetian blinds in appearance but differ in the aspect of function and composition. Because these blinds are made from jute, silk, linen, and other natural fabric materials and are designed to pleat when raised. Hence, these blinds will appear as a bunch of slats piled over one another when tucked up.

Adding to that, roman blinds are not suitable for small home windows but can be a perfect option for large windows, especially the ones with glass panels. Besides, you can choose to have a selection of these blinds in different designs and color combinations for adding to the beauty of your home interior.

5. Panel Blinds

If you’re looking for an option to frame the sliding glass doors in your home, then panel blinds are the perfect choice for you. Also, panel track blinds can be chosen for large, oversized windows, so as to add function and beauty to them. These blinds can comprise synthetic as well as natural fabrics and are somewhat heavier in weight as compared to other blinds listed above.

6. Wooden Blinds

Of course, the one and only type of blinds are wooden blinds that come to mind when speaking of adding texture, warmth, and style to the interior. These blinds feature a characteristic appearance that can unknowingly transform the interior into an inviting, attractive space.

This phenomenon is due to the astonishing range of unique wooden textures for these blinds. Not to mention the faux wood variety of blinds under this category. Also, the bamboo blinds can be considered as an extension of wooden options but comprising pure bamboo slats.

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In Conclusion

Blinds are smart window coverings that can fit in any and every interior style to improve the outlook of the interior. Because there is an entire range of options available in terms of colors, patterns, fabrics, and textures for blinds. However, when selecting blinds as home window treatments, one should have proper information about all the types available in the market. With that said, we’ve tried to help you get rid of this problem by listing all the most popular and best types of blinds including Vertical, Venetian, Roller, Roman, Panel, and Wooden Blinds. This way, you can enjoy a convenient and helpful selection.

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