How to do Stripping and Polishing of Vinyl Floor?

Stripping and Polishing

Vinyl floors have become an essential part of every place. For the maintenance of these floors for a long time, cleaning and polishing is a must. If the vinyl floor condition is not good. Do the amazing vinyl floor polish twice in a year. And you want to bring the floor’s original look. Then with the stripping and polishing, you make your vinyl surface shine. With stripping, you clean the floor. However, to give shine to the surface, polish is a must. Cleaning of the floor is necessary as it easily gets dirty due to remaining in daily use. On the other hand, with the stains of the oil, wax, and grease, the surface looks bad. That’s why, with a regular strip, your floor surface looks maintained.

However, for the renovation of the floor polish is essential. In this way, you will give your damaged floor an original look.

Floor stripping and polishing

Here given below, the procedure of complete stripping is mentioned. You can do the strip of the floor by yourself. But with reliable floor sanding Perth and polishing, you get better results within time.

Preparing the floor

Before starting the procedure of stripping, make sure that your floor is prepared. Move all the furniture from the place where you do the work. After that, clean the floor to remove the dust and material. For removing the stains, use the wet mop. It is imperative to clean the floor from everything. So that you apply the solution on a clean surface. 

Applying the solution

When you become sure that your floor is now dust free. Then go for the next procedure. Which is applying the solution on the floor. Get a suitable solution from the concerned shops according to your floor condition. Before applying it to the floor, mix it in the right ratio. In what ratio, do you have to mix the solution mentioned on the product? Put the mop in the solution, and then apply it to the whole floor equally. Don’t apply in excess, as they could harm the floor. Leave the solution for almost 15 minutes on the floor.

Removing the sludge

After 15 minutes, remove the sludge from the floor cautiously. Wear safety gloves for removing it, because chemicals are used in it. These chemicals could create problems with the eyes and breathing. It should be thick so that you collect it easily from the floor.

Do the rinsing

In this process, to remove the residue, apply water in excess amounts for proper cleaning. Use a mop to spread water equally all over the floor. Let the plank dry for some minutes. To ensure the hundred percent neutrality of the floor, do the litmus test for pH level. However, trustworthy floor sanding Perth will ensure its pH level is up to a hundred percent.

Ensure cleaning 

For the maintenance of the equipment, properly remove the solution from the machinery. Complete this during that time, when you have left the floor to dry. So that the machinery could be used next time for the stripping of the floor.

Sealing the floor

As a better material, sealant makes it easy to polish the floor. Before applying, one more time use a mop for cleaning. Use one or two layers of sealant on the floor. 

Polish vinyl floor

For this, use the same domestic mop for better performance. Apply multiple thin coats of polish in different ways. Like in clock and anti-clockwise as well as down and up method. Don’t use the mop forcefully while applying the polish. Just go in a different direction to get a pleasant finishing. At least give 20 to 50 minutes to dry up the first coat of polish. Even on the first go, you could apply the two coats of polish. Vinyl polishing Perth does the task perfectly within duration.

Extra tips

For stripping and polishing, there are some extra tips given below. By following them, you will get better results for vinyl floors.

  •  Do the divisions of the place. So, it will be easy to work. 
  • Besides chemicals, use domestic solutions too like vinegar, etc.
  • Remove sludge immediately before it could dry. So, it is not hard to clean the slurry from the floor. 
  • Stripping machinery should be cleaned on an immediate basis for further use.
  • Don’t use cotton for finishing.


Vinyl floor polish is necessary to make your floor worth looking at. With stains of grease, oil, dirt, and wax, the surfaces look destroyed. That’s why the strip of floor regularly is to remove the grease and dirt from the floor. Like cleaning everything, it is imperative for the floor too. If you don’t do the process regularly, then do it every week.

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