How To Differentiate the Different Types of Wood?

How to differentiate the different types of wood?

Types of Wood: The most common woods are divided into three groups:

Conifers: spruce and pine.

Hardwoods: oak, chestnut, holm oak, eucalyptus, walnut, beech and cedar.

Tropical: balsa, elondo, ipe, iroko, rosewood and teak.

What is the difference between white oak and red oak?

White oak wood is denser, while red oak is lighter and more porous with an open grain. Finally, white oak wood is usually more expensive than red oak.

How to distinguish wood from red oak and white oak?

To distinguish the wood of the red oak and the wood of the white oak, we cannot look only at its tone. Its tonalities cover a wide range and beyond the species, aspects such as the growth conditions of the tree influence.

What is the color of oak?

American White Oak (Quercus alba). Its shades range from light brown to olive, reaching the sapwood almost to white. We can find it in the eastern United States. American Red Oak (Quercus rubra).

Why is white oak more resistant to rot?

However, white oak has pores with tyloses (a structure that frequently obstructs the cavity of the conducting elements of the xylem). These tyloses help white oak to be more resistant to rot.

Among the uses of wood, one of the most outstanding is the design of wooden furniture. This material is one of the most durable for any restaurant. In this article we are going to focus on the advantages and differences of two types of wood that are widely used for furniture in restaurants or bars. Next, we are going to see the characteristics of pine or beech wood. Do you want to know how they are different or how they are similar? Start reading!

Beech wood furniture

For a few years, beech wood has been incorporated into the design furniture industry since previously it was used only for office furniture or children’s furniture.

Beech wood has great potential to be used both in interior or exterior decoration and for the production of furniture in general. since it is a very durable type of wood.

ADVANTAGES of beech wood

Below we see some of the most outstanding characteristics of beech wood and why they make it ideal for restaurant furniture.

High resistance to shrinkage and bending

Easy to varnish, so its maintenance is long-lasting.

It is very resistant to woodworm, which suggests that it is also resistant to any species of fungi and insects.

Possibility of turning and curving it. Despite its hardness, if we treat it, it can undergo various processes to obtain different products.

Pine wood furniture

Pine wood is one of the most used woods because it is very abundant, thanks to the great variety of pine species that exist: Scots pine, radiata pine or Galician pine, among others. It is a soft wood, compared to others such as oak wood, which is a solid wood. In Dutch you can check this Verschil Tussen Beukenhout en Eikenhout, it is mainly used for the production of furniture destined for places disconnected from modernity and much closer to nature, it could be said that in less refined furniture. Due to its raw wood appearance, it can help with decoration inspired by nature if that is what you are looking for.

ADVANTAGES of pine wood

If you want to achieve a more “rustic” style in your decoration, we advise you to opt for this type of wood when choosing your furniture for restaurants.

Pine furniture matches other types of wood due to its neutral color.

It blends well with various colors and backgrounds.

It is easily impregnable.

low-cost lumber

Away from the uniform texture, its more pronounced and wider grain alternates a hard grain against a softer grain.

Its useful life is very long compared to that of other woods.

In short, choosing pine wood for your furniture in restaurants, bars or cafeterias is a good idea if you want to achieve a rustic place, with a natural tendency and that serves to invite your

diners to enjoy the disconnection and calm. You can also combine it with other types of furniture and they fit like a glove.

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