3 Lettering Tattoo Placement Ideas That Look Sexy

Tattoo Placement Ideas

If you’ve never gotten a lettering tattoo, there are a few places to put them. These include the upper thigh, upper shoulder, and upper arm. All of these placements look great and don’t feel overpowering. So regardless of your preference, there is a place to put a lettering tattoo that looks sexy.

Upper Thigh

Regarding tattoo placement, the upper thigh is one of the most flattering places for a lettering tattoo. It is an area that is completely bone and will not be too painful, so it’s ideal for a large piece of lettering. Scripts and images can also look fabulous on this body part and are easily covered or hidden.

Tattoos on the thigh can be very attractive and will turn heads and draw many compliments. Various designs are available, so you can choose something that fits perfectly on your thigh. Just make sure to choose a good tattoo artist and spend some time thinking about the tattoo design.

Dragon tattoos are another popular tattoo design. Japanese dragons are very detailed and look great on the upper thigh. Instead, choose a dragon tattoo with a fine line or delicate flower design for a more delicate and feminine placement. This type of tattoo will compliment your feminine curves.

Some people choose to have a large piece of lettering on both thighs. It gives a complete look. The lettering can be bold and symmetrical, but you must choose a tattoo artist specializing in this style.

Upper Shoulder

Several lettering tattoo placement ideas look sultry on both men and women. For example, a tattoo on the upper arm can convey a sense of mystery and openness and is considered the sexiest place for a tattoo on a woman. Other sexy tattoo placement ideas include the back and rib cage, where women can display their strength, confidence, and boldness.

For a smaller tattoo, the top of the shoulder is a good place for a butterfly. Small hearts, initials, and stars also look cool. Similarly, the back of the shoulder provides a better area for detail to be seen. The black and grey tiger is an excellent choice for a back-shoulder tattoo.

Another sexy tattoo placement idea is the lower back, where you can have a tattoo with a floral design. These can look good if it is well placed and sized correctly. In addition, these tattoos can easily be covered up by a crop top or a pair of high-waisted jeans.

Upper Arm

Lettering tattoos on the upper arm can be very feminine and sophisticated. A delicate and simple design, such as a rose with a small rose in the middle, looks great, especially if a short sleeve hides it. There are plenty of lettering tattoo placement ideas for the upper arm, so it’s important to experiment with your design and font.

The right below the elbow is an excellent spot for a multi-word or phrase. A sun tattoo can be personalized with a small design accentuating your arm. Besides, getting tattooed in the armpit can be painful.

Alternatively, a small bicep tattoo is a great place to get a meaningful quote. A half-sleeve tattoo is also a classic choice. It’s also a great location for an inspirational quote or a quote you love.

Another popular design for the upper arm is a lily water tattoo. It mimics the art of Vincent Van Gogh. It’s not only beautiful but also a stunning micro tattoo.

The right tattoo placement is crucial to the success of your tattoo. You’ll want to select a spot that you love and one that won’t make you regret the decision later. This area is a great place for a sexy tattoo, but you also need to make sure you’re comfortable with the pain.

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