Top Influential Business Women in Business History


Women have been in leadership roles in business for many centuries. For example, Queen Hatshepsut ruled Egypt for 20 years in the 14th century BCE. In the twentieth century, Sirimavo Bandaranaike became the first female head of state in Sri Lanka, followed by Margaret Thatcher in the UK and Angela Merkel in Germany.

Mary Davenport-Engberg

Mary Davenport-Engberg was born in Spokane, Washington, the daughter of G. A. Cornwall and Helene Davenport. She spent her youth studying in Europe and later married Henry Christian Engberg. Her professional achievements include being a concert violinist, symphony conductor, and composer. Her music has been published by Fisher Music House.

nicole junkermann mary barra

Nicole Junkermann has an impressive business career. She has a keen eye for a good company and made many smart investments. She is the CEO of General Motors and an inspiration to many women in business. She earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. Her father, H. Heinz Junkermann, lauded her early interest in business and commerce.

Mary Barra, who founded a successful company called Apple, is another influential businesswoman. Her father, a prominent German industrialist, exposed her to the business world early on, which paved the way to her success in the business world and in the world of industry. Another influential business woman is Annie Malone, who funded two full-time students at every black college in the United States. She taught them many important life lessons and was awarded honorary degrees from a number of universities.

Arabella Mansfield

The story of Arabella Mansfield, one of the world’s first women business leaders, begins in an Iowa Methodist college, where she enrolled as a student. Her family’s priorities included education and a strong religious belief in social justice. Despite her conservative background, she was determined to break with convention and introduce more women and minorities to leadership positions.

Arabella Mansfield’s educational background was somewhat unusual for a woman of her generation. She went to college in Iowa, where she earned her B.S. and then her M.A. She later went on to earn her LL.B., and became involved in the organization that promoted women’s suffrage. After graduating from college, Mansfield and her husband joined the faculty of the Indiana Asbury University, which later became DePauw University. There, she taught history, aesthetics, and music history. In addition, she served as the dean of the school of music.

Sarah E

In 1885, Sarah E. Goode became the first African-American woman to be granted a patent for a product. She was an innovator in the field of furniture and invented the folding cabinet bed. After the Civil War, she and her husband Archibald opened a furniture store. They sold a variety of furnishings to people, many of whom lived in small apartments.

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