5 Types of Toothbrushes

Types of Toothbrushes

It goes without saying that taking care of your teeth is considered highly essential. Healthy teeth promote excellent oral health, unlike damaged ones that can jeopardize it.

Brushing and flossing your teeth are the easiest yet most important steps to maintain and improve their strength, not to mention whitening them.

With the right brush, you can give your teeth the care and shine they deserve; However, the question stands: How do you know which toothbrush is suitable for you?

With this list of various toothbrushes recommended by the best dental clinic in Dubai, you can choose the suitable toothbrush for you.

1.  Manual Toothbrush

Manual toothbrushes are the classic traditional toothbrushes we’ve been using for centuries. It’s not electrically powered, as its handle is made of plastic and has nylon bristles.

We use it to scrub our teeth in an up-and-down motion, cleaning our teeth and gums from food remains and debris. It’s recommended to brush your teeth twice a day to prevent cavities and decay. In severe cases of decay, you might have to go to a dentist to get dental implants in Dubai.

2.  Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are battery-operated, which means they have bristles that vibrate or rotate automatically to help clean your teeth and remove debris effortlessly.

The oscillation movements make electric toothbrushes more effective in cleaning plaque than regular ones. The oscillations’ frequency in an ordinary electric toothbrush lies around 40 HZ.

3.  Ultrasonic Toothbrush

An ultrasonic toothbrush is a type of electric toothbrush that eliminates bacteria using a specific technology.

The head of this high-frequency toothbrush is fixed with an ultrasonic transducer which generates ultrasound to remove stains and debris.

4.  Interdental Brush

Having a hard time reaching into specific areas between your teeth? Despite regular toothbrushes’ great effectiveness, they sometimes fail to reach hard-to-clean areas.

Luckily, interdental brushes are here to save your teeth from unwanted cavities.

Interdental brushes can reach and clean interproximal and furcation areas of the teeth.

Moreover, if you struggle with cleaning under prosthetic devices such as dental bridges and implants, give interdental brushes a try; they ensure removing debris between them.

5.  Kids Toothbrush

Admit it, as kids, we all loved those little colored toothbrushes with cartoons printed on them.

They’re made that way specifically to appeal to children.

Kids’ toothbrushes differ from regular toothbrushes not in size only but in other different features. For example, their bristles are soft and round, making them ideal for brushing kids’ teeth efficiently and without leaving bacteria behind. Moreover, they’re designed to have a small round head to fit in children’s mouths.

Recent Advances

●     A Chewable Toothbrush

Ever wondered if there was an easier way to brush your teeth without toothpaste or water?

Fortunately, these speculations are now made possible by introducing chewable toothbrushes.

This toothbrush requires neither water nor toothpaste, as you can simply chew it and roll it around your mouth before spitting it out.

They contain flavouring aqua, xylitol, and polydextrose.

●     End-Tuft Brush

This type of brush specializes in cleaning out debris in areas that are challenging to reach. It’s recommended by orthodontists and is mainly used to clean between crowns, dental bridges, or braces.

●     Disposable Toothbrush

Were you ever in so much need of a toothbrush while you’re away but were reluctant to buy one because you already own one at home?

If your answer is yes, then disposable toothbrushes are ideal for you.

Like in most hotels and motels, we’re provided with disposable brushes since they’re cheap and can be disposed of after use. They serve our teeth the same benefits as regular toothbrushes.

●     Eco-Friendly Toothbrush

If you want to contribute to saving the environment, then eco-friendly toothbrushes are made for you.

Eco-friendly toothbrushes are made of biodegradable objects: their handle is made of bamboo, while their bristles are made of pig viscose.

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