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The American Doodle Registry offers the option for you to independently register your litter (group of puppies), which will grant you a special identification and certification. Our lower Litter registration costs for litter go toward advancing litter in the future. Simply put, a small payment will do much more than just help with reproduction and stop the extinction of puppies. Utilize an online form to register trash and prevent loss or theft. ADR charges a small fee for its online litter registration service.

So, whether you are a breeder or the owner of a breeder, register your litter with American Doodle registration to benefit from a number of services we provide. Upon completion of the litter registration application and payment of the required fees, the ADR will mail you a litter kit that includes a unique registration form for each puppy and a form for keeping records. The owner is required to check and inspect the litter kit before giving it to puppy buyers.

With a recent upgrade and a customer-focused policy, the litter registration search with ADR is entirely committed to giving our clients the finest service possible. Customers may swiftly verify the registration lookup depending on the time and availability thanks to our litter registration website’s 24/7 availability.


Litter registration lookup using ADR

By completing the necessary fields on the litter registration form, you may register your puppies with ADR in just a few easy steps. Moreover, having attentively reviewed this content

The early birth fee must be paid if you want to register a litter before it has been 4 months since its birth; if you wait longer than this, you must pay the regular amount.

What information must be given in order to register a litter:

  • Fill out the liter information completely and accurately.
  • information on the owner, including citizenship and location.
  • information needed to make a secure payment using a credit card.

At the registered email address you gave during the online litter registration process, you will receive a confirmation email. Additionally, you will be in charge of the online litter registration form. But in order to use our online system, you must first register the litter with ADR. Information on male and female puppies must be submitted separately, and that information must be used to manage all data.

ADR maintains a tonne of data for the preservation of future litters and breeding. We are a public platform that enables individuals to quickly publish, view, edit, and keep data regarding litter. In order to store ancestry data, people can submit data for as many generations in the past as they desire using the litter register. It also has the capacity to save information regarding the well-being and productivity of each puppy. These measurements of productivity and health are referred to as phenotypes.

Your Application For Litter Registration With ADR

To benefit from the finest functionality and service for checking up on your litter registration, register your litter with ADR. We provide a full registration certificate that includes data on three generations of litters. All puppies, whether they are male or female, are categorized differently and given distinct information and registrations. The development of the litter that was registered with the ADR Litter Registry helped subsequent litters of puppies. The extra features of litter registration or sufficient documentation are useful in the event that your puppies are ever stolen or lost.

We also provide the puppy with a tracking chip at the owner’s request, which is quite helpful in the search for a lost dog. We make every attempt to give you the best service possible because we understand the personal and emotional attachment you have to your pet.

A litter must be registered before it has been 4 months since the date of birth; beyond this time, the regular registration price is due. After registering a litter online, you will get a confirmation email at the address you registered with. ADR retains a massive amount of data in order to preserve and breed upcoming litters. We are an open platform for registering trash information and data because we make it simple to add, see, edit, and use a variety of other capabilities.

We provide a detailed registration certificate with three generations of litters. All puppies, male and female, are categorized differently, given different information, and recorded differently.

Protocol for registration of litters

Once your litter has been registered, you will receive a change of ADR registered ownership form (form 6) for each puppy. Sign the reverse of this form, then provide it to the new owner to change the ADR’s recorded ownership. Encourage the new owner to change the puppy’s ownership into their name as a formal expression of their commitment to the puppy’s wellbeing. Activate the free insurance for each dog you sell. This protection may be activated up to ten days prior to the puppy being picked up by its new owner. If you are an Assured Breeder, please be aware that your discount will be added to the review page before you submit payment.

What suggestions are there?

The ADR now permits the use of two endorsements on registrations: progeny not eligible for registration and export pedigree not permitted. None of these endorsements forbid the export or breeding of the dog overseas, but they do forbid the registration of any litters with The ADR and the Litter registration of the dog by an ADR outside of the country.


  • A distinct set of registration papers are supplied to every puppy that registers.
  • New owners receive a complimentary five-week period of pet insurance.
  • Possibility to showcase your breeding by purchasing a legitimate ADR pedigree.
  • There is no comparison to the abundance of information, advice, and support access to new owners in the fields of canine care, health, breeding, and puppy/dog training.

We employed a foreign sire. Can the litter be registered?

We will require a certified copy of the Three Generation Pedigree provided by the foreign ADR. It is necessary to confirm the pedigree details and the current registered ownership. As per our rules, this must be submitted with the litter application. The sound recording is expensive. If the dog in question has already been recorded, we don’t ask for a fee or pedigree unless the owner has changed.

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