Play 8 Incredible Roblox Scary Games With Friends

Play 8 Incredible Roblox Scary Games With Friends

Roblox is an online multiplayer game-making platform that is very popular. Players can both create and play their own games. Roblox adds millions of new games including scary games each year, and Roblox’s majority of users are children between 16-17 years old.

Play Roblox Scary Games with Friends

These are the top 8 Roblox scary games:

  1. IT Lurks
  2. Roses
  3. LLoyd Residence
  4. The Horror Elevator
  5. The Mirror
  6. The True Backrooms
  7. Hello Neighbor
  8. SCP-3008

IT Lurks

This multiplayer horror game is not suitable for the fainthearted. You will find monsters, scary sounds, and jump scares galore in this game. It seems like a simple concept: an older, grumpy brother tells you to leave his room and a kind-hearted dad leaves to buy groceries.

Once you fall asleep, the spooky stuff starts. When you wake up, there are creepy sounds and darkness around. There is only you and your brother in the house. No matter how scared you feel, the game must be started in the basement. The graphics aren’t too dark but keep your bedroom lights on.

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This game was inspired by adventure and horror films. This is, without doubt, the best-made game, and the developers put a lot of effort into it. The voice-overs, dialogue, and props are all very well-executed.

You can play it in multiplayer or single-player mode if you feel brave enough. This game requires you to locate a friend who has lost their way in an asylum. The game lets you interact with objects in the background because so much attention is paid to the props. This game is a great choice for those who like to pay attention to the smallest details.

LLoyd Residence

This is a great game for people who enjoy reading about mythology and listening to scary stories. You will encounter many ghosts and spirits that haunt you as you try to kill them. It’s a mix of myths, ghosts, and zombies. Roblox is a great game for those who enjoy solving riddles and finding clues. This game allows you to play with friends and solve puzzles together.

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The Horror Elevator

This is Roblox’s most frightening and short-lived game. The game features an elevator that pauses at random levels, each level containing a different horror scenario.

The game is constantly updated with newbies and criminals to keep it fresh. You must be ready to go in order for the game to continue. Roblox’s Horror Elevator has 24 levels. The difficulty increases as you complete each level and move on to the next. The game can support up to 10 players simultaneously.

The Mirror

This is the only horror game on the list, and it doesn’t fail to impress. The Mirror is an unforgettable horror experience that will leave a lasting impression on all gamers.

Players must navigate a course with eerie sounds and horrifying visuals while looking at their reflections and searching for clues in the mirror. This game will keep those who have difficulty relating to the eerie nature of mirrors on the edge of their seats.

The True Backrooms

Escape is the only goal of this game. You can navigate the maze-like structure with your friends or a few other online players. There are well-lit and dark areas. For dark areas, flashlights can be used to guide you through the maze without needing to strain your eyes. You may be distracted by the background sounds, which can distract you from your goal.

This maze-like structure can also lead to panic attacks. This game is more psychologically thrilling than scary, but it will still send chills down your spine. This game requires you to be aware of everything.

Hello Neighbor

You will have to make your way to the neighbor’s house by using your skills and jump scares. This game is for action-lovers who like thrillers and suspense movies. Hello, Neighbour allows you and your friends to work together to expose and identify your neighbor’s crimes.

Like any suspense movie, the neighbor will do everything to keep his secrets secret. You must also ensure that you don’t get caught by your neighbor during your search. This game may remind you of Disturbia, a thriller movie.


This is one of the most original and entertaining horror lands. This horror game was inspired by the IKEA retail store SCP-3008. It has infinite interior space and is home to IKEA’s IKEA Retail Store. The goal of game’s main objective is to stay alive. You would be able to build large bases with your friends while exploring the vast horror land of furniture SCP-3008.


Roblox has hundreds of horror games to choose from. We have shared the top 8 scary games you can play with your Roblox friends in 2022. Please read the descriptions of these horror games before you dive into them.


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