Pacman 30th Anniversary


Celebrate the launch of Pacman this month with a treasure hunt! Every day for the next 30 days, we’ll share a code word – with the answer to that day’s challenge hidden somewhere on our website. The first person to enter that day’s code into our website will win an awesome prize from Target.

So come back every day and find a new code word! And don’t forget to enter your answers in our form below!

October 24th: Avatar

20th century Fox’s Avatar is set on Earth in 2154, when humans are colonizing Pandora. But Pandora has dangers as deadly as they are beautiful, and it might be too late before someone realizes what must be done.


Two Tickets to see Avatar in the IMAX 3D theater on November 27th.

What movies will you see this month? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Facebook page! We’ll choose your answers and announce the winners next month!

October 31st: Super Mario Bros. (The Original!)

This contest is inspired by a real life discussion between two Nintendo enthusiasts we met at E3. In what had to be their most famous conversation, they compared how many games both of them had played that featured a father and his son (Mario, Donkey Kong etc.) in the role of protagonist. After some deliberation they settled on Super Mario Bros.

Pacman’s History

Created by Toru Iwatani in 1980 and first released in Japan as ‘Punch Legend’ (パンチライブ) and in the United States as ‘Pac-Man’ (パックマン). The original arcade game failed, but many clones and ports of the game were created. It was popular enough for a sequel!

Released on October 29th, 1980 for the Japan.

What’s special about Pacman 30th Anniversary?

– The game is over 30 years old

– The game is to celebrate pacman 30th anniversary

– The game celebrates two decades of gaming

– It will be released as a free download on iOS and Android devices as well as PC.

Learn more about this celebratory game here.

Check out this article for more information on the event, “Pacman: 30th Anniversary”.

Read our review of the update to celebrate three decades of gaming.

Write an introduction to an informative and factual blog post titled “The 37 Best Websites to Learn Something New”.

How to play

In the left column, players must make a list of our picks for the 37 best websites to learn something new. In the right column, we must write an introduction for each website’s section that explains what it is about and what makes it so good (use quotes from the site as necessary). Each entry should be limited to one per post. Alternative you can also enjoy on playfh.


– Limit of five submissions per player on this one.

– Must include at least three websites that are not being submitted by other players.

– Languages allowed are English and French only.

– Must provide a link to your contribution page using the following format: [POST TITLE REDACTED] – [YOUR NAME REDACTED].

Winning Tips

– Do not name your submission until you have finished, so that other players do not steal your ideas.

– Give a reason why your submission is the best. If a website has multiple submissions, it is still important to give any extra information.

– Include [Honorable Mention] and [Runner Up] as well as the previous years’ winners due to their importance.

– Submit slowly, or risk not getting picked for another year.

– We encourage striking up conversations about this with other members of Journalism Club (for example, on in the comments section).

– If you are asked to submit something, try to do it as quickly as possible. Some of us won’t want to be the one who forgets to get your submission in.

– Do not spam other players on your submission page with advertisements. It will get you nowhere and disrespects the work done by others who submitted legitimate content.

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