Diva Divine: Tips to Maintain Your Hair Extensions


Are you looking to try out gorgeous hair extensions but unsure how to maintain them? No worries! You are on the right page, and we have all the answers you need regarding maintaining your extensions.


Today, hair streaks extensions and other clip-ins are among the most sought-after alternatives to flaunt gorgeous hairstyles without damaging your natural hair. They are specifically designed to provide natural hair with instant length and volume, giving you the most gorgeous and seamless looks.


However, to flaunt beautiful hair extensions every day, it is important that you know how to take care of your clip in hair streaks, especially if you are a beginner. That’s why we have compiled 5 essential tips just for you!

1. Wash your extension properly 


When you are washing your clip in hair streaks, you must shampoo and condition them to eliminate excess oil and nourish them. But, you must be careful about the hair care products you use on them.  Explore Diva Divine Hair to get the best hair care essentials designed to maintain gorgeous hair extensions. Their refined collection of hair care products is free of toxic chemicals like sulfate and paraben.


Here are the steps to wash your hair extensions properly:

  • Detangle your hair extensions, fill the sink, and add a few pumps of sulfate-free shampoo.
  • Soak your clip in hair streaks and wash them gently. Make sure not to rub the extensions since they are the most fragile when wet.
  • Rinse the shampoo and use a hydrating conditioner on the extensions. Let it soak for 10-20 minutes and rinse under cold water.
  • Let your extensions air-dry completely.


2. Never sleep with wet extensions


Knowing how to wash your hair streaks extensions doesn’t complete the hair care tips. You also need to be aware of how to dry them if you are working with semi-permanent extensions.  Unlike clip in hair extensions, you cannot remove permanent and semi-permanent ones before bed.


After washing your hair extensions, use a towel to soak excess water and let it dry completely before heading to bed.


P.S. Since your extensions will be at their weakest point when wet, tossing and turning while you sleep can damage your hair extensions.


3. Always brush your hair extensions with care


Your extensions will become loose, and strands will begin to fall out if you are brushing too hard.  So you should always brush with great care and gentleness. The biggest tips for brushing your clip in hair streaks include getting a hair brush made for hair extensions, brushing your hair from the ends, and then working your way up.


Doing this will minimize the amount of strain on both your extensions and natural hair, keeping them in good condition.

4. Carry out weekly conditioning treatment 

Since your extensions aren’t connected to the roots of your hair, you will need to deep condition them frequently.  Nourishing them will help maintain their texture and the overall quality of your extensions so you can flaunt long and short wavy hair with bangs, among other hairstyles.


So keep your extensions moisturized, smooth, and lustrous by planning a weekly conditioning treatment.


5. Minimize using heat-styling tools 


Whether it is your natural hair or hair streaks extensions, all of them are victims of heat. Using too much heat on them will cause damage making them dry and brittle. This will also lead to frizz and split ends.


So, reducing heat on your extension is one of the most important hair care tips you must know.



These are the 5 essential hair care tips on maintaining your clip in hair streaks for a flawless look! Use the 5 easy tips mentioned above and flaunt stunning hairstyles, from layered hair with bangs to short wavy hair with bangs.


Head to Diva Divine and transform your hair with their line of hair care products designed for various hair extensions. They also provide premium quality clip in hair streaks in different textures, lengths, and colors. So do not wait any longer and shop to create your desired look today.

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