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Cover songs are a quick and relatively inexpensive way to get your talent noticed and discovered on YouTube.

Creating and uploading cheap music videos synchronized with cover songs has helped many unknown singers share their talents with the world – even some of today’s stars become famous.

But how do you make sure your videos don’t get suspended or your account banned?

To legally publish a music video on YouTube, you need permission from the original songwriter to use their song with cover lyrics and visuals.

While the standard YouTube license provides accurate protection for songs in the public domain, it does not guarantee that the original author of the song you want to cover will automatically grant permission. Insults at any time

Not bad, especially if you’re racking up views, likes, and subscriptions.

The legally required permissions, Song Sync License and Mechanical License, are the songs you choose to cover and publish on YouTube.

There are a number of music rights companies that can help you obtain these licenses so that you can legally download, share and publish your music videos – without the risk of removal.

One company that can help you get a license is Cobalt Music.

Generally, your copyright release request should be sent in writing to the original publisher of the song you wish to record. They will then review your request and decide whether to approve or reject it – and whether there are any fees or royalties to be paid for the digital “release” of the song.

Of course, the cost can be more than the actual price – if you’re not careful.

It also means finding out who the author is and who the author is, contacting them, and then hitting the headlines you want to cover and why. Their acceptance is not guaranteed.

Cobalt Music can do it all for you (other companies are available if you clear Google’s “sync permissions”).

Instead of charging you, they fund your cover song on YouTube to MP3 by collecting the ad revenue from YouTube that your cover song does on behalf of the original publisher and their clients (the copyright holders) if the song you want to cover is in their catalog.

This way, you don’t have to do anything to delete sync rights, and you can legally publish and share your cover video and keep your views, likes, subscribers, and followers.

Plus, now that you’ve learned how to “grow” your music videos on YouTube, you can literally create a fan club to get more views, likes, and subscriptions from the YouTube search engine while you sleep. , if… you choose a cover song, |

From there, you can also sell MP3 downloads of your cover songs with annotations and links if you’ve cleared the mechanical rights to the song using services like Easy Song Licensing and Cabby.

Mechanical rights allow you to record, publish and distribute your music for “up-to-date” sales via download or as physical tracks on CD. when you buy a unit.

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