Naruto: The Complete Seventh Season – Episode Guide

The seventh season of the Naruto anime series was released on DVD in June 2007. It is a perfect conclusion to this story arc, with the final battle taking place in volume 8’s final chapter. This season introduces new characters and has the characters face their greatest enemy yet. It also kicks off a new story arc that leads up to Naruto Studentship: The Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, premiering on September 2nd, 2009. Naruto: The Seventh Season makes available all 20 episodes from its fourth through eighth seasons on DVD in Region A (U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland), or Region B (cheese EM EA countries). It also has English audio, Closed Captioned versions, and comes with a Making of feature. This article will discuss each episode of the seventh season, which ones are the best, and list some special features you won’t find anywhere else!

Episodes: 1-20

Let’s start with the best episodes of the season. The first six are all seven episodes long, so they make up the majority of this list. This season starts with the final confrontation between Naruto and Sasuke, but lots of action ensues after that. Overall, the season is decent, but not quite as good as the previous ones.

The Seventh Council Meeting

Minato did the right thing and chose his life, but the village elders chose the death penalty instead. The Council Meeting was one of the most important events in the history of the village, and it is depicted in the manga and in the anime. Minato’s final words are, “I choose my village.” This is the episode that explains the council’s decision, and it happens before the start of the rest of the season.

Gekigakure no Jigokudō – Badlands of Despair

After saving the village from an attack by the Red Storm, Team 10 is inducted into the ranks of the great Shinobi warrior-kings: the Jonin. Despite their training, the Jonin aren’t the most powerful ninja in the world. The most powerful ninja in the world is lurking in the Tokugawa no Jigged, and he’s waiting for the Jonin to make a mistake that will allow him to finish the job. The episode starts with the Jonin team being ambushed by Wood Release Kai, a sub-species of demons that can control trees. Luckily, the Jonin are up against a much easier opponent: low-leveled Wood release ninja. After dealing with them, the Jonin are sent on an important mission: to intercept the Jigokudō, which is currently on the move, and stop it from harming the village.

Mission: Red Storm

Team 10 helps the Red Storm settle their differences with the villagers and ends up facing their biggest challenge yet: the Kirigakure no Jigokudō. The Kirigakure no Jigokudō is the home of the famed Kiri-Raison, the original creator of the Red Kite. The Kirigakure no Jigokudō was once a peaceful village that relied on its red kite for survival. However, the village’s relationship with the kite has greatly soured in the past few decades, and the Kirigakure no Jigokudō is now a lawless zone. The Kiri-Raison is the leader of the Red Storm, and it’s the mission of Team 10 to bring him to justice.

Shinobi World War II Arc – The Last Battle

The Last Battle for Konoha begins with a bang, as supplementary chakra erupts from the ground throughout the city. The battle then shifts to the air, where the Forces of Evil are able to cause even more disruption in the ninja world. The series ends with the heroes returning home and the village being healed and filled with hope once more. So there you have it – 7 wonderful seasons of Naruto! The wait is over, and the fun is about to begin. The only thing left to do is sit back, relax, and experience the best Naruto anime series ever made.

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