How To Make The Most Out of Your Flowerbomb Perfume

I know what you’re thinking…a flowerbomb perfume….Get it together, people! You can’t be serious. I mean, really? A flower bomb perfume? How the hell have we gotten here? Back in the day, people wore flowers in their hair and they smothered themselves in them. It symbolised love and purity. Nowadays, we wear flowers on our wrist as a sign of solidarity with someone who opposes racism, sexism or homophobia. Or maybe you just like the smell of them. Whatever your reason for wearing a flower bomb perfume, this post is for you. A floral scent is one that conjures images of beautiful blooms and warm summer days. Whereas most perfumes reek of overbearing notes of masculinity or tuberose—floral perfumes are usually much sweeter than their classical counterparts—a flower bomb perfume is actually rather simple: a fragrance that exudes optimism while avoiding overbearing or sentimentality.

What is a Flower bomb Perfume?

A flowerbomb perfume is a versatile fragrance that brings together a variety of familiar scents in a very simple way. It’s usually a blend of several notes from different plants, often with a touch of soil. The smell of a flower bomb perfume is nothing short of romantic and charming. You can wear a flower bomb perfume to show your support for a cause, help cheer up a depressed friend or just add a little sunshine to your everyday life.

How to Make a Flowerbomb Perfume

To make a flowerbomb perfume, you’ll need the following: – An essential oil such as lavender, rosemary, chamomile or jasmine – A base such as citrus, tea, sugar, coconut or sandalwood – A sweetness such as sugar, honey, orange or lemon – A spicy or woody note to tie everything together – A finishing note such as petals, woods or spices to create a complicated bouquet – And some love. First, you’ll want to find a base that you like. This will help you create the foundation for your perfume. Then you’ll need to look for notes that will help you create an uplifting smell. Next, you’ll need to add in some grassy notes to create the base of your perfume. You can either use fresh or dried grass. If you’re a rose fan, you can use rosemary or chamomile.

The 12 Different Types of Flowerbomb Perfume

Blended perfume: This is the original style of perfume where you use essential oils from different plants to create a smell that is unique to that particular plant. Contemporaneous: This is a modern take on the blended perfume. It’s been featured in many contemporary commercial fragrances and is best worn during the day. Artisanal: One of the most affordable and easy ways to make a flowerbomb perfume, an artisanal blend is made using a variety of common blends and essential oils. Elegant: This is the latest style of flowerbomb perfume inspired by elegant Absolut and Bondi beans. Zen: This is a Japanese-inspired flowerbomb. It’s earthy and warm and ideal for the fall and winter months. Traditional: This is a classic blend of herbal and floral notes that’s perfect for fall and winter.


The only thing more amazing than wearing a flowerbomb perfume is sharing it with someone you love. So, if you’re looking for a new way to show someone you love them, or are just feeling a little down, try a flowerbomb perfume. You’ll be surprised how quickly you fall in love with them.

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