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There are multiple services and features available on the app. Your customers will love the fact that one app can offer 82+ features and has hundred different features to make the mobile app stand out. Integrating the latest features is important because then you can build a perfect app for your tech-savvy customers. So, let’s look at the advanced features that you can integrate into the application and launch a futuristic Gojek Clone app

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Unique Features to Integrate into Your App 

Here is a list of all the latest features that you should consider adding to your mobile app. 

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  • Book a taxi with the iWatch app 

Your customers can book a taxi ride from the iWatch app. Ensure that the iWatch is connected to the internet. Your customers can now book a ride from the iWatch screen itself without having their phone handy. 

On the iWatch, add the pickup and drop-off location, select the preferred vehicle type (basic, normal, or luxury), and choose the payment method. As soon as the booking is confirmed, the driver’s and taxi’s details are displayed on the iWatch screen. Customers can call the driver from the iWatch as well. 

  • Video calling option 

The Gojek Clone app enables the customers to start a video call with the provider to communicate well. Apart from VOIP-based calling and instant chatting, the option for video calling solved so many problems. 

Moreover, neither party has to worry about their privacy issues because the number is not displayed on the app. The customers can find the video calling option besides the voice calling button. 

  • Login with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning 

Allow customers and providers to log into the application with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning. iPhone users can log in with their Face ID whereas Android users can use Fingerprint Scanning. The biggest benefit of biometric authentication is that the users don’t have to remember their usernames and passwords. 

In short, biometric authentication methods are easy, quick, and secure. 

  • OTP verification 

OTP verification has become an essential step for every service because it ensures the safety and security of the application. The four-digital number or OTP is sent directly to the customer’s phone number and email address. The provider can start the service only when they verify the code from the Gojek Clone app for service providers. 

  • In-app push notifications 

The graphically-represented push notifications are a great way to provide the time to time. In short, your customers can receive the status of your service directly on the notifications along with the estimated time of arrival.  

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Where to Find the Best On-demand App Solution? 

Are you looking for a perfect place to find the on-demand app solution that is loaded with the latest mobile applications? 

We have the perfect solution for your needs. Get the Gojek Clone app that has all the essential features. Shortlist the on-demand multi-service app with the following characteristics. 

  • The white-labeling firm you are purchasing the solution from must have at least 10 years of industry experience.
  • They should have developed and launched more than 1200 ready-made apps. 
  • The firm should showcase its client’s video testimonials on the website. 
  • The on-demand multi-service app needs to have 82+ services from numerous genres. 
  • It has a strong and reliable technology stack. 

In conclusion: 

Are you ready to launch the most futuristic app of the decade? If yes, then your Gojek Clone app is ready with the latest pre-integrated features and services. Book a free demo app trial today and get started with the app development. 

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Start the app development process right from today!

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