The Global solar lighting system market attained a value of about USD 5.5 billion in 2020. The market is further expected to grow in the forecast period of 2022-27 at a CAGR of 15.8% to reach USD 13.3 billion by 2026. The increasing adoption of solar as a source of renewable energy for lighting purposes across countries is also likely to act as a catalyst for market growth. The rise in implementation of several smart city development plans is also likely to drive the adoption of outdoor solar LED street lights, and other outdoor solar lighting solutions creating opportunities for vendors in this space.

In recent times, a lot of people have been switching to an alternative renewable source of energy. Now solar lights are widely used to light up yards, driveways, and gardens. People are wondering if you can bring that same renewable energy source inside. So, can you use solar indoors?

Although solar lights are known for their main use outdoors, you can also use solar lights indoors with a few caveats. They must be in an area where the solar panels are receiving the maximum sunlight. This can be near a window or skylight. Alternatively, it can be powered by lights in your house. Though they will not provide enough energy to power a large solar light.

Solar LED lights have become a top alternative means of illuminating several places in our homes since a lot of people started switching to renewable energy. Though it is mainly used for outdoor purposes, it can be used indoors as well.

Primarily, solar lights are used indoors. It is in this outside space where the lights can easily access the rays of the sun. But that doesn’t mean that solar lights cannot be used indoors. In fact, they can in many situations. However, solar lights require extra rules for them to properly function indoors.

When thinking of using a solar light indoors, the first consideration should be how to charge it. In the absence of sunlight, artificial light is another way to charge solar lights. All types of light sources produce a spectrum, a range of light wavelengths such as X-rays, UV waves, visible lights, and IR waves. Sunlight gives off a large amount of UV light which is important in the charging of solar lights. Household incandescent bulbs only give off a small amount of UV light, and it is not enough to charge a solar light. These artificial lights cannot be effective means of charging a solar light as it will take a longer time to get a full charge from them.

Do solar lights need direct sunlight to work? Solar lights work based on the operation and model of a solar power system. And a solar power system includes thousands of photovoltaic cells and they make a solar panel. The panel collects energy from the sun. The solar panel converts this energy into usable energy. The battery powers the lights whenever the solar lights are on.

Here is an easy way to use outdoor solar lights indoors:

  • Get the necessary materials

The list of materials required involves; a thin curtain panel, safety pin, wall or ceiling hooks, and solar-powered string lights.

  • Hand the solar lights

You can string the lights from the ceiling using the wall hooks.

  • Install the solar panel

You can easily thread the wire through the window opening. Another way to be is by hanging the solar panel inside the window.

  • Adjust the solar panel

Make sure it is facing upward toward the sun. If it is installed inside the window, ensure that it is facing towards the middle of the window in an upward-facing orientation.

  • Test the solar lights

Now that the solar lights are installed, it is time to test them. Ensure that they receive at least five hours of direct sunlight.

Now, many of you must be thinking; Can solar lights charge through windows?

Solar lights are primarily made for outdoor purposes, but they are used indoors as well. They can be charged in a variety of ways. The easiest way is to place the solar panel in a location where it can be charged through a window. These can be charged through a window while indoors so long it has access to the rays of the sunlight. So, avoid windows that are blocked by things outside, like another wall or tree.

To charge it, position the solar light at a window in your house where light rays can easily reach the panel. It is best that you raise the curtain of the window. You do not need to open the window. Photons are not lost through the glass of a window pane.

To sum up, you should look to see which areas of your room are receiving sunlight around noon. Those are the places to position the solar panel component of the solar LED lights.

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