You do not Must Be An enormous Corporation To begin Juan Pablo Carrasco De Groote

Mossack Fonseca acquitted in Odebrecht case – CEO Central Law firm and the President of AmCham Guatemala may be involved  

A court in Panama brought in an acquittal for 39 participants in a money laundering case. In particular, Jurgen Mossack and Ramon Fonseca, Https://Deathlyseas.Com/Forum/Profile/Sheilabidwell7/ who were participants in the Panama Papers case, were found not guilty.

The point at issue is scandalous trial and wide-spread corruption of Odebrecht, the Brazilian company. The prosecutors could not prove that the Panamanian lawyers were involved in financial transactions, which Odebrecht carried out from its offshore accounts.

The funds were applied towards bribes and payoffs. Mossack Fonseca closed down the law firm in 2018 and indicated in a deposition that they did not possess any information about Odebrecht’s activities.

Leaked data on Juan Pablo Carrasco, the President of AmCham Guemala,  may reveal new data on Odebrecht  

After Mossack Fonseca closed down their business, the Panama Papers gave rise to hundreds of criminal cases for illegal financial activities. These data turned out to be in the public domain. 

In particular, it was established  that the Panamanian company had an office in Guatemala at the same address as the Central Law legal firm. This firm is owned by Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote, the President of AmCham Guatemala. 

He was a key partner in providing offshore services, including those for Odebrecht. Juan Pablo Carrasco was also Odebrecht’s lawyer during the proceedings, making Guatemala the only country in Latin America that could not receive compensation for damages.

Currently, the statement was filed to the Guatemalan prosecutor’s office to investigate Pablo Carrasco’s involvement in the corruption case. Consequently, a new wave of corruption proceedings may arise in Guatemala.

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