How to Get Your Post in the Instagram Top Posts Area

This is especially true with Instagram, as it’s one of the most heavily used platforms on both desktop and mobile devices around the world. And when you factor into the equation that it’s run and owned by Facebook, there’s a really good chance that it will be around for quite a while. Tap either of these and Instagram will connect to Facebook and your address book. If you’ve got past clients and connections stored on your phone, you’ll be able to see their accounts.

Latinos have stories to tell, yet they make up less than 1% of the ones told in Hollywood. As a champion of the Hispanic community McDonald’s wants to help change that. With Spotlight Dorado, McDonald’s is giving aspiring Latino filmmakers a chance to participate in a short film competition. JavaScript may seem a bit daunting right now, but don’t worry — in this course, we will take you through it in simple steps that will make sense going forward.

Instagram impression is the total number of views your Instagram post receives. Every great partnership starts with that first email, phone call, or meeting. Simplified local marketing is just a hop, skip and a click away. Get even more Instagram tips in our LOCALiQ Marketing Lab course all about Local Social Media Marketing. This will give you some solid options to test out on your upcoming posts.

After all, Instagram is a feed, and if nobody is online when your post is published, your results will be bleak. The account had almost a million followers, and we only got around 25 new followers from it. With Sumo, we made a goal to do four share for shares per day, or about 33% of the content we were posting. Read more about buy followers instagram here. You have to mix these up with your own content (otherwise the accounts you’re working with will have nothing to share, not to mention that you’ll piss off your followers).

Sadly i was inactive for a while before i decided to really go down the road of art and came back in last June which was a perfect timing smh 😐 Thanks for the very helpful article. Now at least i know the viewing problem isn’t exactly my fault. Looking for a new platform, hope new social network developers see their opportunity.

To really succeed, you need to integrate yourself into your Instagram community. When it comes to picking which hashtags to use, avoid super-popular ones like #love or #instagood. This doesn’t mean you’re locked into this style forever. When it comes to getting people to follow you on Instagram, having a recognizable, largely consistent style can be very helpful.

Scroll down further, and you’ll see when your audience are most active on Instagram by both days and hours. This is a good starting point before the real work begins. Use one or two hashtags that are relevant to your topic. On this platform, broad terms aren’t likely to do any good. Use hashtags that are unique or specific to your topic particularly if you use Pinterest for Business.

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