Instagram first allowed users to request for verification in August 2018. And for those that have the sticker, it means that the platform has confirmed that the profile belongs to a public figure. You don’t have to follow all of these branding tips to succeed.

The feature also helps in showcasing the location of your business. You can also get your contest participants to use this feature in the case of contests that are organized in your business location. Read more about buy real instagram followers here. You can get more targeted followers on your Instagram account by engaging with them. These could be those who are following your competitors, or just prospects. You need to follow these accounts, like and comment on their posts and tag them in your posts.

While social media is meant to be a place where you can express yourself however you want, there are still some guidelines that you need to follow. If you break these rules, you may get your Instagram account blocked or even banned. You should also explore Instagram’s advertising options and see how they fit in with your overall strategy. Instagram is all about getting existing and potential customers excited about what you do, so be sure to explore it. To learn about its business potential, take a look at its official guide.

Customers will usually listen more to fellow customers than to a brand. Excite your followers by giving a sneak-peek at an upcoming product launch. Not only will this help generate hype before your release, but giving people early access to info is yet another reason for viewers to hit the follow button. If you’re short on ideas for your next Instagram Story, asking questions is a great way of deciding what content to publish next. Double-tap any post to like it, or tap the speech bubble to add a comment.

Looking at the constant roll-out of exciting features and considering the pandemic’s effect, Instagram’s user numbers are likely to reach new heights. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all major social platforms have already gone mobile. Here are the latest social media statistics that vouch for drumming. I know, it’s hard because it requires us to unlearn the way we have done business on other channels but it’s truly the way to succeed on Instagram. Without traffic, there won’t be sales, and how do you generate traffic on Instagram?

Once you know the style you’d like to convey, use Canva to pick out the colors you’d like to use consistently for postings. For Illman, as a business development consultant who focuses on sales and social media, she wanted a bold and eye catching color in her feed. So she chose a bright red as a theme for a series of memes that were in line with her business. Her first posts consisted of one meme and one photo of whatever I was doing that day.

Using hashtags is important because it gives exposure when people are browsing through the hashtags to look at photos. If you don’t know what hashtags to use, a trick is to watch what successful Instagram influencers or your competitors in your industry are using. Coffeenclothes is an excellent example of this; they share pictures of … Well, you guessed it, coffee and clothes. It’s a really good theme and it fits with what people are already posting on Instagram. When I first saw it, I asked myself why I didn’t think of that sooner.

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