Tech Projects You Can Take Up to Improve Daily Productivity

Tech Projects

During the pandemic, most people had more free time than ever before. There was nothing much to do and staying at home was the only option left for many. Therefore, internet usage skyrocketed as people began spending more time online searching for entertainment. Netflix, Spectrum TV Packages, and video games like Fortnite became very popular than before. However, these things are only good for entertainment and nothing productive can come out of them.

There are many other things that you could do with your time that might be better than wasting it all on Netflix. You can learn a new skill, read a book, or take up a new tech project. Choosing something to do in your free time that challenges your mind can be a stimulating experience. Here are some of the best options for tech projects that you can try your hand at:

#1: Update Your Devices

Security and software updates are often ignored because they don’t seem urgent. However, that is a big misconception. Updating your electronic devices is one of the most important steps to make them more secure against possible cyber threats. Most updates are thrown out to prevent zero-day attacks, cover up any discrepancies, or remove malicious code from the software. So, instead of sinking into your couch and watching Netflix, you should update your devices. It is one of the best ways to pass your time. And will also help you keep your devices away from the reach of any potential hackers.

#2: Install New Smart Lights

Your house can look a little boring with the same old lights. If you want to add some pizzazz to your sitting area or den, you can look into smart ambiance lights. They can take you some time to install and can be a great way to spend your time. Ambiance lights come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and can completely change the look of your entire room. Moreover, most of them are easy to use and install and you don’t need professional help. So, stop procrastinating and get off your couch.

#3: Update All Your Passwords

A strong password is the security guard that keeps your accounts safe from hackers. A strong password should have at least 8 characters, a combination of upper-case and lower-case letters, and some special characters. If you have some time on your hands, double-check all your passwords. You should also make sure that you haven’t mentioned any personal details in any of your passwords such as your name or date of birth. This can make them weak and easy to guess by strangers. If there are any that you think are weak or haven’t been changed in a while, the best time to update them is now.

#4: Create Data Backups

Many people can risk losing their data because they don’t have any backups. So, if you have time to spend, you should back up all your important data. You can choose any cloud service like Google Drive or iCloud to back it up. Organizing and uploading your data to the cloud can take some time. But in the long run, that time will be completely worth it. Even if you already have an online backup, you should update it now and then. Physical documents are easy to lose or tear up. You don’t want that to happen to you. However, cloud backups are faster, much more secure, and easily accessible from anywhere around the world.

#5: Organize Your Photos

Smartphones these days have pretty great cameras. And that’s why you might take hundreds of photos on every special occasion. Not all those pictures are worth the space they occupy on your phone. So, you can spend some time organizing your photos, deleting the ones you don’t need, and making separate folders by date. This can sound like a mundane task but you will go through all of your old pictures and walk down memory lane as you organize them.

#6: Filter Out Spam Emails

Your email inbox is probably always flooded with unread promotional emails. You probably don’t even remember signing up for most of them. There is never a better time to unsubscribe to spam emails than now. So, open up your inbox and press the unsubscribe link to get rid of all the clutter. You will thank yourself later because not only can these emails be annoying, but they can also make you miss other important emails.

#7: Repurpose Old Gadgets

Many people have old phones or tablets that they don’t use anymore. So, instead of wasting them, you can look for ways to use them. Tablets can be used as a second monitor and old smartphones can be used as Chromecast remotes. As a result, you can save some money by giving your old devices a new life.

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