5G Network and Its Impact on IoT 


The invention of the internet has been a blessing to not only industries, but to the entire world, boosting work performance, business tasks, and the way we communicate with each other. Apart from the internet, various other technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, Big Data, the Internet of Things, and machine learning have played their part in evolving businesses and industries globally.

The internet and IoT have proved to be a successful duo by providing fast connections ecologically. This technology basically stands apart from other technologies as it provides ease of information sharing from machines with any sort of human interaction, be it through a call to a rep on the Cox customer support number or an e-mail ID. IoT technology can advance further if paired up with a 5G network and can boost performance globally.

Coming into action in 2019, the 5G network is the key to fast-paced connections for machines and devices all over the world. It also provides organizations and companies to take their existing and potential technologies up a notch.

  • Fast Data Transfers

With the increasing number of gigabytes provided per second by 5G technology, it has become extremely convenient to transfer data at a much higher pace. The faster the speed provided by these networks, the more efficiently IoT technology can play its part in smoother connections and communications across industries.

  • Reduced Inactivity

The delay or interruptions in connectivity can cause massive delays in technological functions and hence it is absolutely important to have networks that can support the ever-growing burden of connections. 5G networks are the solution in such scenarios as it has proved to show almost nil latency in all their connections.

  • Reliability

The 5G network has proven to be extremely reliable as this network always has your back and never gives up on you. 4G and other previous networks might have been disappointing in terms of reliability, but with the improved features of the 5G network, you can trust it not to let you down even during harsh weather conditions or general connectivity issues.

  • Greater Network Capacity

By expanding spectrum resources, the 5G network operates in both lower and upper bands which ensures a massive network capacity, minimized delays, and faster connections. As per 5G bandwidths, it goes from 100 GHz and beyond.

5G for Internet of Things

With the pairing of IoT with 5G networks, various possibilities await industries and sectors globally by improving their productivity at a much higher rate. With the IoT technology already doing wonders for the industrial sector in terms of economic growth and smoother operations, the implementation of 5G networks will corroborate innovations. Moreover, this also encourages the growth of the start-up sector for the development of the IoT solutions revolution.

Furthermore, IoT devices backed with a 5G network have proven to be of tremendous help in the modification of not only healthcare but the agricultural sector. As per healthcare, 5G has played an important role in telemedicine, virtual healthcare, and remote healthcare. In reference to the agriculture sector, using drones, pest control using sensors, and various other advanced methods has improved its automation processes thanks to 5G networks.

IoT technology, with the help of 5G networks, can help do wonders in the implementation of smart homes, and smart cities, and it might even promote technologies such as clean energy. Moreover, other categories such as robotic cars and boosted customer experience through augmented and virtual reality powered by IoT devices, will also benefit from this technology.

Possible Challenges for 5G Implementation

While there are many advantages of 5G networks, there are some hindrances in its implementation. Since 5G has an inability to transfer data over lengthy distances, it makes it difficult to integrate it, unless the core architecture of the communication system is changed. Apart from this, it might prove costly for the consumers, shifting from 4G to 5G networks, as it requires upgrading to the latest cellular devices. Furthermore, due to telecom companies facing a lack of financial resources, the spectrum allocation by the government is delayed.


Without a doubt, IoT technology is going to take over the world like a storm by transforming our lives for the future and 5G will provide the extra kick it needs to get this action. Apart from smart cars and cities, we will see technological advancements in our lives that we could previously only dream of.

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