How to Unblock and Access the Torrents

Torrents are one of the most useful pieces of technology. They allow you to download various files and applications, like games, software, music, movies and much more for free. But there’s a major problem with torrent sites: they can be blocked by some Internet service providers (ISPs).. Unblocking websites is really easy when you know how. Before we get into details about how to unblock and other similar services, let’s take a quick look at what torrenting is exactly so that you have a better understanding of why this might be important to you.

What is Torrenting?

Torrents allow you to download a wide variety of files and applications by breaking that content up into smaller pieces that are then distributed to other computers around the world so that you can download them and then put them back together on your own computer. This file-sharing method is incredibly useful because it allows you to access a lot of content that you might not be able to otherwise. You can get music and movies for free as long as there are people out there with the same content that you want to download and there are other people who want to download it too. There are also a lot of benefits to torrenting as a method of content distribution. First of all, it’s completely decentralized. This means that no one person or organization controls what you do with your computer, your privacy is maintained, and you don’t have to rely on one company to host the content you want to access.

How to Unblock and Access Torrents

You can unblock and other websites that are blocked in your country by using a VPN. VPNs encrypt all of your internet traffic, including traffic to blocked domains, so that no one can see what you’re doing online. You can get a VPN for as little as $3 per month and it can be used on all your devices. There are a lot of free VPN services, but they’re often very slow. It’s best to get a VPN with a ton of servers to give you the best chance at getting a reliable connection. And once you have a VPN, you can access any website that’s blocked. Just open the VPN app and connect to a server in the country where the website is hosted.

Assemble Your Tools

First, you’ll need to set up a VPN. There are tons of VPN services out there, but we recommend NordVPN. It’s incredibly fast, has a ton of servers, and the company is based in Panama, which makes it very difficult if not impossible for your ISP to hand over any personal information to the government. Once you sign up for NordVPN, you can get a discount link that lets you try it out for free for a few months so that you can see if it works for you. Next, you’ll need to set up a proxy service. There are tons of proxy services out there and most of them will work great. Try to find one with a ton of servers so that you have a good shot at finding one that works with And lastly, you’ll want to get a VPN that works with

Go to Google Search

Now that you have all of your tools assembled, let’s go to Google and search for “unblock [whatever is]”. We’re looking for a website that will let us change our IP address so that we’re not actually on the server that is hosted on. . This should be and you’ll need to type that into the box and press return.

 Find the Domain You’d Like to Unblock

Now that you’re on the proxy website, go to and add it to your block list. Your IP address will change and you’ll be able to access the site and torrent safely. After that, repeat these steps to unblock other websites you want to use.

 Google Tricks for Finding Blocked Websites

Now that we’ve provided you with all the information you need to unblock and other websites, let’s finish our tutorial by showing you some more tricks that work for finding blocked websites. To do this, go back to the proxy website where you blocked and try these other tricks out.This will make it easier to find the website in the proxy server’s search results. – Try changing your server. Some proxy sites have multiple servers and it’s possible that the one that works best for you is located somewhere else in the world. – Try using Google Translate to help you find the website in the proxy server’s language.This works because proxy servers work for different regions and different languages.


Now that you know how to unblock websites, you can use the same information to protect your privacy and access blocked websites safely. We’d like to thank you for reading our guide and hope that you learned something new from it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section below. Happy torrenting!

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