How to Type Less than or Equal to Youself So You Don’t Have to Look Up


Your keyboard can do it all. From tapping out a verse to scribbling a note, a keyboard can do it all. For some people, it’s a necessary evil. For others, it’s an extravagance. But for those who are dyslexic, a computer keyboard can be a real pain in the rear. You see, not everyone is blessed with the good hand that can type faster than a human. Some people have combinations of letters that make it almost impossible for them to learn a keyboard. And for them, a computer keyboard is a non-starter. Fortunately, there are other options out there for people who can’t type as fast as everyone else. You see, not everyone is cursed with a slow typing speed. Some people have hand-based typing issues. This means that not all of their keys are the same size or spacing. And for these people, a computer keyboard is actually a blessing. Because not only can they type faster than a regular keypad would indicate, but they don’t have to deal with the added pressure of looking down every time they want to say something.

What is Hand Typing?

A person who cannot type is called a hand typist. For them, just holding a piece of paper or a computer keyboard can be a real chore. It’s a problem that’s mostly genetic. Some people have a stronger hand than others. These people often have a harder time learning to type. They might also have slower brain areas dedicated to letter identification.

What is a Computer Keyboard?

A computer keyboard is a set of letters and numbers that look and feel like the keys on a real keyboard. It might not look exactly like yours, but it’s very close. The keys on a computer keyboard are the same size and spacing as those on a real keyboard. And just like on a real keyboard, the space bar is located on the top row and is often shaped like an exclamation mark. Some computers come with built-in keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts allow you to avoid using the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate through your computer. This can be very handy, but it can also make using a computer uncomfortable for you. It’s best to use the shortcuts only when you need them.

Different Types of Keyboards

There are many different types of keyboards out there. Some people have fingers that are more suited to a claw-shaped keypad. Others have big hands and require a lot of room to type. A few people have issues with their fingers and have hand-based typing issues. These people often have problems pressing the keypad buttons because they are too small for their hands. For them, a laptop or smartphone is a better option because it gives them more room to work with and the ability to type whatever they need.

The Best Part About a Computer Keyboard

There are many advantages to using a computer keyboard. You have full control over the keys. You can type whatever you want. The keys don’t have to be set in alphabetical order. You can actually put any key on any letter. You can also create your own shortcuts. For example, you can create a shortcut that only puts the number key on the number row when you want to enter a number. This will make entering numbers on a regular computer keyboard much easier.

The Less Good Part About a Computer Keyboard

On the surface, a computer keyboard might not seem like a bad thing. After all, it gives you more control over the keyboard and lets you put any key on any letter. But what’s happening behind the scenes is that this also gives computer programmers more room to play. Because the computer is telling your fingers that this key is “higher” than the other keys on the keyboard. This is known as tactility. It’s something your fingertips are actually good for. But for computer programmers, this can be a real problem.

Final Words

When you think about it, the keypad is actually kind of amazing. After all, it lets you type almost anything and everything. And it does so without having to look down at the keyboard or look for a key. It’s almost as if the keypad knows where you are looking. That’s why people use them while writing emails and other types of documents. It also is the reason why most people find a computer keyboard so easy to use.


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