Dairy automation: what should you know?

Minimising waste is a crucial part of all food processing strategies. However, the responsibility is particularly high for the dairy sector. Apart from processing, the scale of milk wastage is huge.   Blended with the competitive nature of the sector, dairy procedures are under increasing pressure to keep waste, and hence costs, low.  

Once evaluating profitability in dairy – in the absence of even getting into the gritty detail of farming and milking – there are a massive scope of factors that may impact costs. However, it would not be wrong to say that minimising energy and product waste is necessary. Right from curd cooling systems to similar ones; everything can contribute in a wonderful way.

You should also know that the overall development of intelligent automation solutions for dairy industry companies ask more than just system know-how. Industry experience and knowledge related to complex structures and processes in a dairy are just as crucial.  

What really is automation?

Automation is simply defined as systematic type of supervision of a component of a specific process with the assistance of mechanical or electronic systems that actually replace human observation, decision and even overall action.  

You know the completely automated milking processes were first produced in the mid-seventies. The increasing costs of labour in numerous countries were the main reason to begin the development of automatic milking. In automatic milking systems (am-systems) cows get milked by a robotic milking system in the absence of direct human supervision. The point is you can introduce and blend automation in every procedure and area of your dairy plant once you try it out. It would help you grow faster, save more and enhance the productivity.

Upgrading a control system

By their very nature, control systems aid the processors achieve better operational management. In their most recognized form, a control system is going to connect all components and applications in a dairy processing setup or facility – from pasteurisation and evaporation, right via to cooling and that of even ventilation systems.

Actually automation is clearly the main ingredient of competitive advantage, and yet many dairy industry has been slow to grip it. Now is the right time to upgrade such old plus. Replace those drum timers and that of 10-position selector switches. It is time that you do invest in technologies that are going to squeeze out one or two percent more final product. The point is simple,  the present day management systems and processors will save you a huge money in the long run.

The thing is automation in the dairy industry is nothing fresh. Since the 1990s, automation has played a role or simply contributed to increased efficiencies inside the plants producing cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and even more. But the present day automation capabilities are far greater than that of what you might have seen decades ago. If you are into dairy plants, you would see that automation technology can simply test for product abnormalities and detect any sort of issues at the earliest stages. From all possible angles, increasing profitability is all in a single day’s work for automation systems. You can be sure that nothing goes unnoticed and you make the most of automation.

Right from farms to factories 

You know when the milk truck reaches a dairy plant, automation begins. Every sort of dairy processing demands a unique approach, and there is so much that may go wrong with dairy processing. Upkeeping accurate temperatures at every single stage of milk processing is critical for product quality and overall consistency.

Automation upgrades provides a cost-efficient way for dairy processors to simply offer and deliver high-quality products. Although more manual methods still are in working, they are less dependable and less profitable. The aim is simply to reduce processing costs via automation efficiency and repeatable processing outcomes. You should know that the dairy industry is one of the least automated industries, which means it has the most to gain by getting or taking updated, sophisticated technologies. Additional automation upgrades are going to help dairy processing plants overcome challenges more productively and effectively.

Automating all manual tasks 

Well, when it comes to dairy processing, maintaining overall product consistency through accurate measurements and that of even control is a top priority. Delivering safe, high-quality products is not really just a goal, it is the overall expectation. Implementing automation into processing facilities grows consistency by minimizing opportunities for mistakes. Moreover not to miss that dairy professionals having an intricate knowledge of production are somewhat essential to dairy processing, but they are mostly tied up in recognizing and troubleshooting day-to-day issues rather concentrating on projects that increase profits. Updated control systems may actually automate previously manual tasks and free up valued time to focus on huger , more impactful projects. 

Automation at every stage 

Once you speak with professional providers of solutions, they can offer automation solutions for an entire dairy or even cheese-making facility or for individual process zones like:

  • Control room: it is for milk delivery, overall production and filling of untreated and treated milk, uht milk, that of cream and butter. 
  • Cheese : for the overall production and packaging of cheese and the further type of processing of whey
  • Fresh products : for the production, filling and that of even packaging of yoghurts, fromage frais, desserts
  • Milk powder and lactose: for the overall production and filling of milk powder and even lactose

The point is once you speak with the experts, they would guide you about where and how you can blend automated solutions. Their industry-specific know-how is even based on years of collaboration with machine and plant suppliers with whom they have automated various plants across the world, e.g. Milk delivery, evaporation plants, heating lines, fruit cooking plants, etc. The thing is you can be definite that your dairy plant works more effectively and efficiently in the presence of professional guidance and solutions.


To sum up , you should try out dairy plant automation and it would definitely get you an edge in your industry. Automation would ensure that you grow and expand in a systematic and productive way.


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