Baseball Diarrhea – The Opening Line of Parenthood

The 1989 movie Parenthood introduced us to the classic song “baseball diarrhea.” It is the opening line of the movie, which was a hit for its time, and became a staple in our culture. The lyrics became so memorable that they have become earworms for many. Here is the song’s full lyrics. The second verse is about the hilarity of losing a game because of diarrhea. But what about the first verse? It’s still a catchy tune.

This song is a classic and has become a cultural icon. Several television shows have included it, including Bob’s Burger and Parenthood. It is even featured on Bob’s Burger skits. The show’s creators penned the lyrics, and the song is still as entertaining as it was when it first aired. The children’s voices singing the lyric in the opening sequence gave viewers an idea of the comedic direction of the movie.

The original song has a wacky rhythm that maintains its popularity for decades. This unique cadence is an essential part of the song’s appeal. It has also aged well. While few songs from the sixties remain relevant today, “baseball diarrhea” remains a great choice for a kid-friendly theme song. Moreover, it features the children singing the infamous song, giving it an added touch of realism and hilarity.

Although the song’s lyrics may seem a bit dated, it has remained popular, even in its current form. The original version of the song was based on the infamous “Diarrhea Song”. It features the chorus and the classic “Cha-Cha” rap. Thankfully, this song has remained popular and relevant for nearly four decades. And despite the dated nature of the show, it is still fun to sing along to.

While it may be a fun song for kids, it has a special place in our culture. This song was featured in the opening sequence of the hit movie, “Parenthood” was a runaway hit. The children’s singing the lyrics gave a hint of the comedy that was to follow. And the movie’s lyrics were so hilarious, they’ve become classics. Its lyrics have become a part of our pop culture.

The song was a hit for the entire family, and it has remained popular for several decades. The song is known for its simple rhyming words, and the lyrics were adapted from the show. Its lyrics were also featured in the opening sequence of the hit movie, “Parenthood,” and were a big hit for the children’s music video. The aforementioned songs are not only a fun way to introduce a child to baseball, but they also make the show more relatable.

The song’s lyrics are not only funny, but they are also useful for parenting. The song has a chorus, but you can also add other words that rhyme with bases to make a song. The songs are also great for educating children on the importance of the right way to eat and drink. For children, baseball diarrhea is a great way to get them excited about baseball. There’s nothing worse than watching a baseball game, and this one has an extra meaning.

The song has become a staple in pop culture, and the song is a classic. It is a popular song with a great chorus, which explains its continued popularity. The song has been sung on Bob’s Burger skits, too. The catchy tune has become a staple in pop culture, so much so that the song is featured in almost every episode. In addition to its lyrics, the song’s lyrics can be found in the movie’s opening sequence.

The song has become a classic in pop culture, but it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the show, or not. The song is an iconic one that will never go out of style. Its rhyming words and catchy tune made it an instant classic. There’s also a song with the same name as a popular movie. The movie has become a huge hit, and the lyrics have become a part of our culture.

The lyrics of “Baseball Diarrhea” are an iconic song, and it’s not surprising that the movie has been a hit for so many years. Its catchy tune is the epitome of “parenthood” and has become a classic in the world of pop culture. Originally a film from 1989, it has become a beloved NBC series. Young Joaquin Phoenix is credited as Leaf Phoenix.

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