During wedding season make maang tikkas with Bridal artificial jewellery

During wedding season make maang tikkas with Bridal artificial jewellery

As the bride, you will be the center of attention on your wedding day. Your artificial jewellery and personal style will be observed by everyone. While a bride would always be concerned and pay attention to the attire, imitation jewellery set, haldi, sandals, hairstyle, etc., what about the maang tikka?

How to Choose Your Maang Tikka Sith kundan wedding jewellery

You might not be aware that the maang tikka can also be worn to make a fashion statement. Just take a quick look at the brides in recent Bollywood films.

Just changing the style of your maang tikka can allow you to rock your appearance in a variety of ways. Maang Tikkas come in a variety of individual styles with ethnic jewellery set. Make sure your choices are chic and, more importantly, work with the style of your wedding outfit and your facial features.

If you have a round face, you should choose a Maang Tikka with a vertical design, like a pendant in the shape of a diamond, to assist lengthen your face. For such looks, a Matha Patti or Mang tikka would not be the best option because it would accentuate the roundness of the face by adding c.

Oval-faced women are fortunate since all styles look stunning on them. Everything would look fantastic on you, whether you felt like wearing a Maang Tikka or a Matha Patti of any style.

Various Styles of Maang Tikkas

Below are a few options for maang tikka designs that the bride can select from:

  • Maang tikka with many layers which are typically one-tiered will brighten both your face and your clothing. They may wear a kundan artificial jewellery set made of kundan, plain gold, or jewellery that is set with AD and other jewels. You have the option.
  • The half maang tikka is a Nawabi-style maang tikka that has been spotted on several famous people as they enter the ramp. This is definitely classy and will give you a royal feeling.
  • Jhoomars or paasas are best to go. Your groom will tremble at the sight of these as they sway by the side.
  • Pearl strings will give your maang tikka a regal touch in the pearl kundan set. And an incredibly lovely mood that is unmatched by anything else. With this, you may express your versatility by utilizing as few as one string of pearls or as many as ten, depending on your mood and taste.
  • Large maang tikkas are wonderful head-turners and look great on people with broad foreheads. If your forehead or face is small, be careful to steer clear of these.
  • Maang tikkas temple look is of South Indian style and has green and red stones set into them, making them look nice with the majority of Indian wedding color schemes and best south indian jewellery.
  • Simple and elegant artificial jewellery sets that hang a little lower than the standard maang tikka height. These are ideal for brides who want conventional and straightforward attire.
  • Borla are made of pearls, crystals, and diamonds, these resemble the bor or jujube fruit, which is popular in Haryana and Rajasthan and has recently been featured in Bollywood films.

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Faqs for Mang Tikka with artificial jewellery set

  • Which Maang Tikka Variety Is Best?

The most common is a traditional maang tikka, though these are also available in small, medium, and big sizes. While selecting the ideal maang tikka for you, think about your style and what would go best with your artificial jewellery collection. If you want simple styles, go for a tiny maang tikka; if you prefer lavish aesthetics, go for a larger maang tikka.

  • What Kinds of Maang Tikkas go with artificial jewellery?

Little, medium, and large-sized maang tikkas are among the several varieties. Outhouse created three-dimensional maang tikkas, expanded maang tikkas, and harnessed maang tikkas for contemporary ladies.

Choosing what you want from the various maang tikka options available nowadays may take some time. Take your time, lady the result will be worth the effort- Swarsjhop is giving artificial jewellery online.

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