Going Off-road with Custom Teardrop Campers – is it worth it?

As many people prioritize working from home and some quit their 9–5 jobs entirely, the off-road VanLife movement has been getting stronger as RV companies increase their innovation to accommodate the increasing number of custom teardrop camper enthusiasts.

When you are looking to get started with an off-road customer teardrop camper, one of the major considerations that you are probably going to make is the cost of purchase. While there are those camper options that will break your bank, some companies are making affordable options that severe an equally fulfilling need.

Custom overland teardrop campers are made for off-road ventures. They are not only easy to tow but come with various amenities installed to give you a home-like experience when you use them. But is it worth the effort and investment in getting a custom teardrop camper? 

Should you get a teardrop camper?

Off-road adventures are some of the most fulfilling experiences that you can ever have. Currently, many people are preferring off-road activities with schedules that suit their lifestyles and patterns.

One of the major determinants of whether or not you get a camper is the cost. But this should not really be a hindrance to enthusiasts of custom teardrop campers. Besides buying your own camper, you can opt to hire one at a relatively cheaper price.

But even when you decide to buy a custom teardrop camper, you can buy second-hand or used campers from people who are looking to dispose of their camper or those who are selling a camper so that they can upgrade to a new one. Many of the second-hand campers are in perfect condition because the owners probably used them for a few days to a few weeks.

Which models should you consider?

There are many campers model options that you can get from the market. The design and specification of these campers depend on the manufacturer. Sometimes you may want your specifications included in the design. This is when you go for the custom teardrop camper. The manufacturers can design the camper to meet the standards that you want.

Some of the basic models of custom teardrop campers measure 5’ by 8.5’ and weights about 1000 pounds. For these campers, the frame is made from structural aluminum as well as the side walls and the ceiling. The floors, the walls, and the ceiling are fully insulated and anodized aluminum is used to cover the exterior.

The bottom part of the trailer is also fully insulated, sealed, and protected. Plywood is a common material used in the making of the cabin walls and those of the gallery. Having your own custom teardrop camper is definitely worth the investment. When you buy from the right vendor, you will get the product that best suits your needs.


With the increasing demand for overland teardrop campers, there are many options that you can explore to help you get your hands on the perfect off-road camper. You can either buy a new one, buy a second-hand version, rent one for a few days or weeks, or you can buy a plan and build one by yourself. 

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