Which is better course journalism or mass communication?

BS Mass Communication

Journalism is more conventional and requires professionals to state facts instead of opinions. They simply have to state what happened and narrate the incident as it is. Mass communication media is a bigger umbrella and offers more choices to writers.

The fields of Mass Communication and Journalism are often bundled together, both in courses and career prospects. However, both these fields have their differences, although they may seem similar. If you’re interested in these fields but don’t know anything about journalism and mass communication, you can read this article until the end for more details.

As a mass communication student, you’ll learn about various forms of media, such as print, television, radio, digital media, and social media. You’ll examine the role of mass communication throughout history and how it continues to shape today’s society. You’ll learn about the rules that regulate communication channels and apply what you’ve learned. Let us find out more about the Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication.

To summarize this, journalism is all about collecting, editing, and publishing or broadcasting news and information using mediums such as Newspapers, News channels, and Radio. Whereas, Mass Communication comprises a wide range of fields like television, radio, animations, advertising, corporate communications, event management, public relations, and so on.

BS Mass Communication

Is BS Mass Communication Course Hard?

BS Mass Communication is not an easy course. It is actually one of the hardest for it not only requires brains but also good social skills. Mass Communication does not only teach you what is written in any book.

Mass communication can be an easy major. It is known that many subjects in mass communication are considered subjective. Subjective means it will require critical thinking skills. Obtaining a master’s degree in mass communication will be very helpful for students interested in journalism and advertising. 

After completing a master’s degree, students also get many opportunities. Mass communication will benefit the students by enhancing their creative mindset, a good salary, no need for initial experiences, numerous career options, and maintaining a great social life; students can also become confident and intelligent people after finishing their mass communication degree. 

Students have to understand or identify how people or an individual thinks. Mass communication is indeed a good option for a career. It will give opportunities such as working in PR agencies, filmmakers, journalists, offers in radio stations (such as for production, jockeying, programming), corporates, TV channels, lecturers or professors in media studies, companies related to media research, event management, and so on. Read more here!

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