How To Bookmark Tweet On Twitter App?

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Want to store some tweets for later? You can try this with out trouble through using the bookmarking feature.

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In this text, you’ll learn how to bookmark a tweet on the Twitter app.


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How To Bookmark Tweet On Twitter App?

Just observe those steps and I’ll display you the way it’s finished:


Open the Twitter app in your cellular cellular telephone and log in to your Twitter profile.

Find the tweet you want to bookmark for later and click on the percentage icon below the tweet.

Now faucet on the “Bookmark” icon and this tweet can be added to your bookmarks.

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You can get some more knowledge how to bookmark a tweet


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How To Bookmark A Tweet On Twitter App. A Complete Guide?

Have you ever visible a tweet that turned into so exciting you desired to keep it but had been now not positive how? Well, in this article, permit us to look the way to bookmark a tweet on Twitter app.

Twitter is one of the maximum powerful social media app which offers you up to date statistics of world statistics, movie statistics and occasions. While scrolling thru the app, we frequently come upon tweets which may be so remarkable that we want to preserve them for destiny use.


We frequently keep tweet by using copying tweet hyperlink in notepad or percentage link with our friend to refer later. Instead of performing some of these, we’re capable of with out issues store a tweet in the app itself. Yes, Twitter released the bookmark function in 2018, so that we are able to bookmark any tweet.

We have offered you with a easy guide that explains the manner to bookmark a tweet at the Twitter app and the steps concerned.

How To Bookmark A Tweet On The Twitter App?

When you notice an exciting tweet, in advance than replying to it, you could want to take the time to do some studies after which prepare the content material cloth for the reply. In this situation, you want to save the tweet first. To do that, you could use the bookmark function that Twitter has made to be had to us.


To bookmark a Tweet in the Twitter app on Android and iPhone

Step 1: Open Twitter to your Android or iPhone device


Step 2: Now open the tweet you want to bookmark or keep for later


Step 3: Then, tap on the percentage icon at the bottom of the tweet. It’s next to the coronary heart icon in the top-right nook. The percent icon might be particular for Android and iPhones


Step four: On an iPhone, an iPad, and the internet, this appears as an upside-down bracket pointing upward. If you are using an Android device, it’ll seem like 3 circles linked with the useful resource of a V-original line.

Step five: After clicking on the proportion icon, discover the “Bookmark” icon from the percentage options. When you click on the bookmark image, the tweet is probably added to your series of bookmarked tweets.

After bookmarking a Tweet, you could collect a notification announcing “Tweet has been added to your bookmarks”. This is a confirmation message assuring you that your bookmark has been saved.


To Bookmark A Tweet On An Internet Browser

Step 1: Open Twitter in a web browser and locate the Tweet you want to share


Step 2: Tap on the proportion button at the bottom right corner of the tweet


Step three: Select “Add Tweet to Bookmark” from the menu that looks

Step 4: To access your bookmarks, tap the flag-normal bookmark icon within the window on the left issue of the web page

Step 5: You can delete a Tweet from your bookmarks, through tapping on the percentage picture and choosing “Remove Tweet from Bookmarks” from the dropdown menu


How To View Stored Bookmarks?

To get admission to your stored bookmarks, observe these clean steps


Step 1: Open Twitter for your iPhone or Android smartphone


Step 2: Tap on your profile picture to open the element menu


Step 3: Choose Bookmarks from the menu

Step four: You can then see the list of all of the tweets you’ve got got saved at the show display screen that appears


Tweets will stay within the Bookmarks section of the app until you delete them. From this aspect, you may additionally depart a remark, retweet, like, or proportion the bookmarked Tweet


How To Manipulate Twitter Bookmarks?

When we’ve got too many bookmarks stored within the app, it will become difficult to discover the specific tweet. To avoid this problem, Twitter offers us the choice of organizing bookmarked tweets into folders.


To set up and manipulate the bookmarks folder:


Step 1: Select a bookmark from your profile


Step 2: On the Bookmarks page, faucet the New Folder icon


Step three: Give Your Folder a Name


Step 4: Click on Create


With the ones steps, you could create separate folders for each section and upload relevant bookmarks to them. It helps in smooth get entry to to bookmarked tweets.

How To Delete Or Delete Bookmarks?

Step 1: Twitter on Your iPhone or Android Phone which you choice to delete. The top tweet can be the maximum currently stored one. All connected media might be covered in the tweet and you may tap on it to view the tweet’s replies


Step five: To eliminate a tweet from your bookmarks, tap the share icon subsequent to it in the timeline of your bookmarks and pick “do away with from bookmarks”.

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