Build a Business or Build a Private Home on the Moon

Whether you’re looking for a place to build a business or a private home Build property on moon, there are a few things you need to know before you make your move. These tips will help you get the most out of your venture.

Dennis Hope’s Moon real estate company

During the mid-80’s Dennis Hope was unemployed and thought he could earn some money by managing real estate. He thought he’d found a loophole in the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which prohibits national appropriation of outer space. However, the treaty only states that no nation shall have sovereignty over satellite bodies.

Hope interpreted the treaty to mean that private citizens could claim the Moon. Consequently, he launched a company called the Lunar Embassy. He also sold moons of other planets, including Mercury, Venus, and Io. He offered to buy the northern hemisphere of the Moon for $50 million. But the offer was turned down.

He also created a currency for moon property owners. The currency is called the Delta. It is traded in the international markets for Earth currency. Hope has also tried to get the Deltas recognized by the International Monetary Fund.

He has also re-established the legitimacy of his company by using old American law. His accountant estimates that he has $760 trillion worth of property. He has sold property deeds to millions of people without obvious consequences.

Hope claims that his company has the largest land portfolio on the planet. The company sells properties in 181 countries. In 2012, it sold lunar plots to 3.7 million people. In 2013, the number of sales increased by 30 percent.

Jeff Bezos’ plans for a lunar outpost

Founder of online e-commerce behemoth Amazon, Jeff Bezos is a billionaire who believes in the future of space travel and space exploration. He wants to make space a financial powerhouse and has plans to colonize the moon. He is backed by a group of space billionaires and aerospace incumbents.

Blue Origin, Bezos’s rocket company, unveiled a new lunar lander in Washington, D.C. This lander can carry humans and supplies to the moon. Customers are excited about the capability to soft land.

Blue Origin is planning a launch on its New Glenn rocket system and wants to send humans to the moon by 2024. They are also preparing a new rocket for heavy-lift launch contracts. Its BE-7 rocket engine can blast 10,000 pounds of thrust and will be tested this summer.

Blue Origin is also working on an orbital-class rocket that can put satellites into orbit. Its BE-7 cryogenic engine has been three years in private development. Blue Origin filed a lawsuit against NASA in August of 2021, claiming the agency did not act properly when selecting SpaceX.

Jeff Bezos is a fan of the European Space Agency’s Moon Village concept. This could be a permanent lunar outpost where people could build close to each other and serve as a place to wait for intergalactic travelers.

The Outer Space Treaty

Despite its relatively simple structure, the Outer Space Treaty is a key legal framework for space operations. It sets rules for the exploration, utilisation, and exploitation of celestial bodies and outer space. It provides legal certainty for the peaceful development of space.

The treaty was originally drafted to govern the exploration of the Moon. The signing countries agreed to the principle of mutual assistance and exchange of personnel on moon expeditions. It also forbade the use of moon resources without an international regulatory body.

The treaty also set limits on military activities and stationing of WMD in outer space. It also provided for rules for mediating disputes. It was signed by dozens of nations, but only 89 are now ratified. It provides legal certainty for the peaceful development and exploration of space.

Although the treaty provides for international cooperation, there are a number of questions that remain unanswered. There are also commercial interests that have changed the way that the treaty is interpreted.

One of the key questions in the Treaty is what kind of property rights are applicable to space. It is not clear whether equipment and installations are part of the property of the moon. In fact, it is not clear whether the surface of the moon is part of the property of any nation.

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