Best birthday flowers and their significance

Best birthday flowers and their significance

We all have occasions where we celebrate but when it is about our or our dear one’s birthday, it becomes extra special as we look forward to that day and wait for it to come. Birthdays are a little more special than other occasions as it is a celebration of life and existence to that person. There are various ways in which people like to celebrate or want to be surprised. Some like a grand party, some you like a dinner with family and close friends or some like a short countryside trip and not to forget a lot of gifts. Despite all these ways of celebration, a special occasion like a birthday is incomplete without flowers. Flowers are not only a great gift but they are also a great way to convey your emotions and thoughts. 

Here is a list of birthday flowers that will make the day more special and memorable from tulsa florist


Beginning this list with a bright birthday flower. There is nothing better than some vibrant color and a burst of brightness to brighten someone’s day. Sunflowers are just right when you want to spread happy vibes as a birthday floral surprise. These are a summer-time bloom, you may see them in great numbers from early May until late September. You can get this flower with bixby flower delivery. You can add some fresh white ferns and make a sleek bouquet of sunflowers. You can put them in a vase or simply wrap them around. Sunflowers are a suitable gift choice for almost everyone, whether it is a friend, co-worker, teacher, or even your lover. They stand as a symbol of affection, intelligence, joy, and warmth.


Up next on the list of birthday flowers is one that has great significance and meaning attached to it. Marigold, this flower in some cultures, is said to be a symbol of the sun and represents its powers and strength. With a vibrant gold appearance with an orange or yellow tone which are colors of fall,  this flower is perfect for someone who celebrates their birthday in the month of October. Marigolds are also popularly referred to as the ‘herb of the sun. This bright flower is a symbol of remembrance, happiness, and joy. 


The ultimate symbol of love is roses. If you do not want to experiment or you are not sure about what flowers a birthday girl/boy would like. In that case, go for a beautiful bunch of roses. They are a great pick for a birthday present as roses never fail to impress. This popular birthday flower comes in a number of colors like shades of pink, white, and different tones of red, yellow, and peach and all the colors have meaning. Red roses are a symbol of love and romance and they are perfect when celebrating the birthday of your partner or your love interest. Pink roses are a symbol of admiration and joy. Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship. White roses are a symbol of innocence and purity. 

List of flowers for every month – 

The birth flower of January – Carnation

The birth flower of February – Violet

The birth flower of March – Daffodil

The birth flower of April – Sweet pea

The birth flower of May – Lily of the valley

The birth flower of June – Honeysuckle

The birth flower of July – Water lily

The birth flower of August – Gladiolus

The birth flower of September – Aster

 The birth flower of October –  Marigold

The birth flower of November – Chrysanthemum

The birth flower of December – Narcissus

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