How to reduce c drive space in windows 10?

How to reduce c drive space in windows 10?

Windows 10 has introduced many of the new features you might want to install but without having to sacrifice any of your computer’s core capabilities. The Question How to reduce c drive space in windows 10? is quite common.

In my experience, Windows 10 is a good operating system and it works well but of course. It does have its downfalls as well. I am talking about the changes to the way. That window manages your computer’s hard drive space.


If you have any music, video, and photo folders Windows 10 will begin to slow your computer down and become less responsive. This is a good thing for your computer but it does limit your storage. Some operating systems have been able to work around this problem by allowing you to move certain file types to the computer’s hard drive or virtual disk drive (VHD).

By default, VHDs are not available for Windows 10 but if you go to the Windows 10 settings you can set up a VHD file for free space. With Windows 10 now being a more capable operating system, it is easy to create a VHD and increase the size of your available disk space. But how much can you really increase your disk space with a VHD?


When you create a VHD you are essentially creating a virtual drive. The virtual drive on your computer is simply a container for your files so when you create a VHD your files are still on your computer.

When you perform a delete operation on your files Windows will recognize this and will begin to remove these files from the VHD. If you have a lot of files this can be quite a nuisance and create a lot of disk space loss. To fix this you can delete your hidden files and folders from the VHD.


It is very easy to do this in Windows 10. Just click on the Start Menu and then type in disk management. Once you are in disk management click on the tray icon in the upper right and then click on something called “VHD” under hidden files. If you want you can also click on the plus symbol in the upper right and then select “delete hidden files and folders”.

There are two ways to select hidden files and folders. The first way is to select every file on the hard drive and then click on the ellipsis (…) button that will allow you to select a hidden file. The second way is to select every file on the hard drive and then click on the plus symbol in the upper right and then select the newly created VHD.

Once you are in disk management it is easy to go back and select a folder that you do want to be hidden from disk space deletion. Click on the plus sign to select a folder and then click the ellipsis (…) button to select another hidden folder. Once you are finished selecting all of the hidden files you will see a box titled “VHD Unviewed”. Click on the box and then click on “delete from disk space”.

Once you are done click “ok” and your changes will take place. Now you can open the VHD file in the media player and the files will be available for you to listen to. This will be much more responsive than before and allow you to use your computer faster.


Another thing that Windows 10 has been doing that can be annoying is forcing you to download updates. With Windows 10 your computer will always download the latest security updates, patches, and feature updates. To avoid delays and slow down it is very easy to turn updates off. The update wizard can be accessed in the Control Panel.

Click on the network icon on the taskbar, then click on Control Panel, then click on System and click on Windows Update. Now in the right side panel click on Updates and turn off the checkboxes for any updates that you do not want to be installed. Windows will not recognize that you turned updates off and will continue to download updates until you click on “ok” and then click on “purchase all updates”.

If you need to get some patches you can always check for updates manually by going to Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update and then clicking on the Check Now button.


To create a VHD you need to have Windows 10 installed on your computer. When you create a VHD you need to be using the Windows 10 client for the operating system. If you are going to create a VHD for some other operating system you need to use a Windows 8.1 client. Once you have Windows 10 installed you will need to create a VHD. I try to explain to you How to reduce c drive space in windows 10?

When you open File Explorer you will see a file called “VHD”. To create a new VHD right click on the VHD file, click on New, and then select the format file type as a virtual drive. For VHD you can use an empty VHD file but the easiest option is to create a file called “testVHD.vhd” and then name it as desired. For example, I created a testVHD.vhd and named it test HD, and then gave it a size of 541.

Now click on New and select your desired size and then click on OK. This new file will be created. Then you need to right-click on the new VHD file and then select Properties. On the Properties tab, click on the VHD and then in the Properties link you can choose a name for your new VHD and also customize the file properties to your liking. For example, you can specify a size, and type, whether or not to create a boot image, whether or not to delete the default Windows.ini file, whether or not to give a password to the file, and more.

Once you have finished editing the properties click on OK. The last thing you need to do is save your changes and then go to the control panel. Once you are in the control panel click on Programs and Features and then click on Advanced options. In the Advanced options, tab clicks on the Advanced button and then click on the Add button. To create a shortcut to your newly created VHD. Now, How to reduce c drive space in windows 10? is not difficult for you.

Now when you have the Windows 10 client installed you can right-click on the VHD. And choose the Add button and select the dropdown and choose to make the VHD a virtual hard drive and then click on OK. Then you can open the folder in the media player. And all of the files will be available for you to play, view and listen to.

Hope You know the answer Now: How to reduce c drive space in windows 10?

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