The Procedure for Building a Mobile App


Adobe web designers have developed a mobile application development procedure that contains 9 actionable steps. The development of our App is based on these steps to create quality mobile applications.

Discussion of Project Requirements

The first step of the development process for mobile apps involves discussing the idea. It can help you clarify the fundamentals of app development. It will be an average phone call, casual and quick, to see whether we can help you and move this idea forward.

What Can We Expect from You, Our Customers?

In the beginning, we need fundamental information from your side. Details like those below.

  • What kind of App would you like to develop?
  • What do you think of your app development budget?
  • What is your timetable?
  • Do you know of another app that is like your concept?

Space-O Technologies is a company that believes in Space-O Technologies, and we believe that “healthy conversations create trustworthy relationships that can be used for the future.” The more web design architects are aware of your concept, the more effective we are in helping you.

Businesses Insight and Estimation

After the initial discussion and a clear understanding of your goal, we can have a kick-off meeting. In this meeting, we choose the team members and give suggestions or suggestions to help you develop your App. Our meeting process begins with QA involvement and testing available for the case.

Early involvement allows QA to understand your needs better and more effectively. Questions related to the flow of applications are resolved within the initial phase.

Once the design and analysis for requirements are completed, QA starts with creating test cases. It will require 20% additional effort on top of the efforts we’ve estimated to test. We cover all possible scenarios for testing while writing test scenarios.

We also prepare an outline of the test plan to determine the scope of testing and objectives; however, it depends on the project’s specific requirements. This allows us to create precise estimates of your App’s cost and provides an achievable concept of an actual mobile application or website.

Following the testing instances and the cost estimate, it is time to sign an official declaration by signing the confidentiality agreements, NDA. The signing of an NDA can assure you that data will be kept confidential by the two parties. Let’s discuss the procedure in greater detail.

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The signing NDA

Why is it important to have an NDA for your Application Idea?

This is a vital part of app development that many companies do not consider. We ensure your app idea is secure when you work with us because it is among the most important steps in developing mobile apps. This helps avoid miscommunication or misunderstandings between you and your company that develops the App.

What Do You Get within the Project Development Agreement?

The agreement contains the following elements.

  • Project Deliverables
  • Milestones
  • Legal clauses
  • Reference/Annexures

After completing the discussion about the project and presenting an estimate, the next step in developing mobile apps is to sign an agreement to develop the App. This is the first step to establishing an association with Space-O Technologies.

We have been a reputable firm for app development since 2010. We are always sure that we can meet all your expectations.

The real work begins after signing the NDA for the development of apps based on understanding the project’s requirements, including defining communication techniques and scheduling scrum meetings. Files sharing and anticipated times for delivery within the defined deadlines.

Before we begin the development process, we conduct an initial meeting before the beginning. The meeting identifies the developers of your application and any others on the team working on the project.

Wireframing the App

Wireframing is among the essential elements of mobile app development. To design a wireframe, it is crucial to thoroughly comprehend the project’s requirements. In addition, the ways of communicating (Slack, Skype, Basecamp) must be thoroughly and fully understood.

When the method of communication is established, there’s the issue of how long it takes to develop an application. The designing process is the most difficult process of creating mobile apps. Before beginning the development process, it is necessary to complete wireframing tasks in mobile app development.


The wireframe is understood as a foundation for the website or application. It assists in understanding the system’s structure and provides an overview of what the application will perform. Wireframes aid in the accurate estimation of the timeline for development. It also assists designers in understanding the flow of the system and assists in the creation of perfect and precise designs. The next image will provide the wireframe example.

What is the reason we need Wireframes? Why Do We Need Wireframe? What is the importance of Wireframes? Wireframe?

A wireframe lets you create a complete mobile application by helping you connect the gap between your initial concept and the end product.

A good example is that an app comes with various features; for example, you might want chat features within the application. However, there are some chat types like single-to-one, group chat, and even timeline management. This particular need can be written down in wireframes. This gives an understanding to the person in charge of how chat flows will work.

Tools That Our Business Analyst Team uses for creating Wireframes

The Business Analyst team reviews your idea for your App to design wireframes of the features you need, using Balsamiq and Adobe tools for wireframe creation.

UI/UX Design

  • Have you ever considered what the best design technique is?
  • We ask our clients questions
  • What color would you choose for your application?
  • Basic preferences regarding fonts and colors
  • What apps do you enjoy?
  • To suit your tastes, we design screens with the mobile app design tools such as
  • Adobe XD
  •  Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop

Here’s the app procedure for design to follow.

What do we deliver In This Stage?

The sample has an icon for the app, a splash page (first screen) login or sign-up form, and a homepage. We design two UX/UI options for you to choose from. After we send you the sample, we await your feedback before making the modifications, if needed, as per your preference.

Expert Tip:

Once you have identified the requirements before the final development, you can easily go through a minimum-viable product launch. This will aid you in developing native mobile applications that have been evaluated and approved by the target users.

Following the final approval of our design concept, we create the mobile application’s process flow to turn it into a user-friendly experience using Flinto and Invision. We create an initial sketch of the entire application without writing any code.

We have briefly reviewed the mobile application design procedure. But creating an application for mobile devices starting from scratch requires extensive knowledge.

You’ve learned the art of creating an application. The next step is understanding the costs of building extremely engaging mobile applications.

What is the cost of designing an app?

On average, the cost of designing mobile apps ranges from $150,000 to $10,000.

The costs are based on the time it is designed and the cost per hour the designer is charged. Most of these fees include the cost of developing the App in addition. The table below shows the design time and cost based on the complexity of the App.

We are a well-known mobile app development company. We can assist you in obtaining an estimate for the design of your App. You can contact us, and we’ll provide an accurate estimate according to your needs. We will also explain the entire procedure of creating an app for your company.

After the design phase is completed, we transform it into an interactive application by mixing it with back-end and front-end technology.

Create Your Mobile application from scratch

After coming up with ideas for the App, the developers can put everything into motion. The project manager assigns tasks to developers and then develops the app development step-by-step procedure to meet the established goals.

Remember that there are numerous languages for app development available. However, you must always select the best technology for your needs for mobile app development.

Additionally, the procedure of developing mobile apps is divided into three phases.

The progress of app development and the full tour of the created app screens will be available through project management tools such as Trello or Basecamp.

The definition of a technology stack is crucial for the successful development of a mobile application. The following tables provide information on what is the Android as well as the iOS tech stack.

To support Android creation, we employ the following techniques:

We employ the following technologies and the most effective iOS application development tools to build full iOS apps.

In the development of mobile apps, designers, developers, and the QA team will be involved until the App’s development is completed. This section provides entire details about the process of testing apps.

Utilizing front-end and back-end technology, Our developers have created high-quality mobile apps that have led to great success. One of the mobile applications, Glovo, is by far the most downloaded application, with over 30 million installs in Spain. Another application, TOR VPN, has been downloaded by more than 100K people in a year. Find out more information by going to the section below.

QA Testing

If you decide to develop your App, you must test the App continuously. This helps keep costs low while also creating an excellent app. The further you get into the process of developing mobile apps and the more expensive it is to fix the problem.

No matter the mobile App kind no matter what the App’s type, our QA team will always run the necessary tests to make sure the app functions perfectly.

Check out the differences between functional tests and those not used in the mobile development of apps.

Let’s explore the difference to gain a better understanding of the QA testing process as an integral component of the development of mobile apps and aids in defining the phases that are involved in app creation.

 Launching Your Application

How do I publish the App to the App Store and Play Store?

Don’t worry. We will assist customers with uploading their applications to Appstore or Play store without extra cost.

What do we need from your End?

We need only customer credentials for the developer account to upload the file.

Is it easy to Create the Application?

It is true that the App Store and the Google Play Store have strict guidelines for bringing the App live. However, we do have some knowledge in this area, where our experts assist our clients in keeping it up and running. With assistance from our mobile app creators, we have launched more than 4400 mobile apps so far.

A new app’s release on the app store will include the following:

    • The title of your App
    • Description
    • Category
    • Keywords
    • Launch icon
    • App Store screenshots

When you submit your application through Apple App Store, the iOS App is subject to an evaluation process that can take some days to a few weeks. The quality of your App is determined by the of your App as well as how well it adheres to iOS design guidelines. Additionally, ensure that testing your mobile App is carried out correctly.

If your App requires user login and you want to use a user account, then you need to create an account for the user and the developer account.

In contrast to iOS, Android does not have a review procedure. The App will be available in the App Store within a couple of hours after submission.

After your App has been deployed, Our team continuously examines the App’s use through mobile analytics platforms and evaluates the App’s performance. We also look into crash reports and other user-reported problems.

Post-Production Support

After the App’s release, users’ feedback will flood into any future updates to the application. You’ll have to make improvements to the App as part of an update. Every App need improvement in technology and features, so this is the final stage of developing mobile apps. In general, when the first version of an app is released, the development process starts anew.

Space-O Technologies, Space-O Technologies, provide you with an “after-launch support program,” which provides you with a 3-month service. You’ve mastered the whole mobile app development process and are aware of the benefits of mobile applications. If you follow the right methods, you’ll be allowed to gain huge benefits through your mobile App.

What Can You Expect with this Support for Free?

After or during the development of mobile apps, if we encounter any bug or issue that we discover, we’ll immediately resolve the problem. After the free support is over, and a client wants to extend their support, signing an annual maintenance agreement that will protect the App’s owners is recommended. Who can fix the issue immediately if a new issue or bug arises?

In the next section, you’ll be able to learn the most pressing questions and answers regarding the process of developing mobile apps.

Are you ready to turn your idea into an actual App?

After going through this article, we hope you’ve mastered the mobile App’s development. Your mobile App’s performance depends on how well you’ve implemented each process. The development of apps is a continuous process, so consistently monitoring your mobile application, even after its launch, ensures excellent performance and more money over time.


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