You Need to Know About Naati CCL Gujarati Coaching

Taking the Naati CCL Gujarati exam is one of the most prestigious exams of India. Thousands of students from across the country aspire to take it, and are eager to study and prepare for the exam. The exam is conducted on a regular basis, and candidates have to take it in order to qualify for a job in a Gujarati-speaking company. The exam is made up of a series of questions, and a student’s performance will be determined by their answers.


Those wishing to pass the NAATI CCL in Gujarati have a choice of coaching institutes to choose from. Some of the institutes have physical offices, while others provide coaching online. These institutes have been in the industry for years. The instructors have been in the business for long enough to know the best ways to prepare students for the NAATI CCL.

While there are no guarantees, some of the institutes can provide a free demonstration class. After the demonstration class, you will be contacted by the representatives and asked to join their program. The fee for the course can be paid with a credit card or direct deposit.

The CCL is a good opportunity to show off your language skills. Besides, it’s a great way to score some points on your PR/visa application.

It’s not quite as difficult as the PTE or IELTS, but it does require some preparation. You’ll need to pick a language you’re comfortable with and memorize some of the more common conversational words in English.

Test format

Applicants for Point Based Visas (PBVs) can choose to take the NAATI CCL (Credentialed Community Language) test. This test is set by the NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) and assesses the skills of a candidate in delivering the meaning of an English language conversation to a native Language Other Than English (LOTE) speaker.

The NAATI CCL test takes around 20 minutes to complete. It is conducted online and is available in different languages. The CCL test is part of the points-based PR application process, and adds five points to various visas. It is recommended that candidates book the test at least three to four months in advance.

In order to prepare for the NAATI CCL, candidates should practice. This includes learning vocabulary related to the topics of the test, as well as taking practice mock tests. The NAATI website also has plenty of information on test preparation.

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Exam results

Taking the NAATI CCL test is a great way to get your foot in the door of Australia’s Permanent Residency (PR) program. The test is designed to evaluate your proficiency in communicating in two or more languages. The exam is delivered over the internet, via Microsoft Teams. It consists of two dialogue recordings that are each 300 words long. You must interpret them as required.

The CCL test is valid for three years. You must have a valid internet connection. You may also want to check out the NAATI CCL glossary, which explains the test’s terminology. The test is also available for several languages, including Gujarati.

In order to pass the NAATI CCL exam, you must score a minimum of 63 out of 90 points. You must also finish the test in 20 minutes or less. You can also take repeats of the exam without penalty. The results are published as soon as they are received.


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