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Myths and Misconceptions Of Hiring Offshore Developers

Despite outsourcing being an established assiduity, some businesses still avoid hiring developers offshore due to negative sundries on its safety, legitimacy, and trustability. On the negative, the fact that numerous businesses like IBM & numerous medium- sized enterprises outsource means that it’s still an effective and effective business result. To eventually clear effects up, we list down 3 outsourcing myths and misconceptions to debunk them formerly and for all.

Myth# 1 “ Cheap Price = Poor Quality ”

still, it’s that cheap equals poor quality, If there was one thing that businesses suppose of outsourcing. Because of poor services handed by some outsourcing enterprises, hire offshore developers wasn’t commodity businesses considered as a strategic advantage.

REALITY This can be if you work with the wrong outsourcing mate. Popular outsourcing destinations similar as the Philippines, India, and Vietnam, among numerous others, produce thousands of IT professionals yearly. Each country’s tech pool have continuously increased their skill sets to bring a competitive edge to the global tech assiduity and produce quality affair.

Also, take note that time can also be a factor in producing poor labors. As some companies outsource to meet their deadlines, quality can be compromised due to time constraints. To avoid this being your situation, look for an established offshore development offering reasonable prices and a great track record of working with different companies.

Myth# 2 “ Outsourced inventors ca n’t speak English. ”

numerous believe that one of the main disadvantages of hiring offshore developers is the artistic and language hedge. Since utmost popular outsourcing destinations are fromnon-native English- speaking countries, differences in language, customs, and geste can beget misreading and detention on both sides.

REALITY According to the 2017 EF English Proficiency Index, the Philippines is one of the top English- complete countries ranking 15th out of 80 countries indeed beating some countries from Eastern Europe. The country also ranks 3rd out of 20 countries in Asia. This comes as no surprise as the Philippines have had constantly high knowledge rates. According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, the Philippines constantly had a knowledge rate above 90 since 1995 for 15 times and aged. These high English proficiency rates are among the reasons why the Philippines and other IT offshore countries are chosen as top outsourcing destinations.

Myth# 3 “ The time difference decreases productivity. ”

Businesses stay down from outsourcing to avoid the hassle and vexation that comes with the time difference.

REALITY utmost offshore providers operate at the same time zone as their customer, creating a hassle-free experience for both sides. You just have to find a provider the offers the stylish set- up grounded on your requirements.

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