Choosing a Technology Partner for Home Care Facility

Regardless of whether your home care facility has been in operation for many years, or is just getting started, it is important to select a technology partner for home care facility who can help you implement and manage your home care solutions. A technology partner can help you improve your business, as well as reduce costs and risks. Choosing a technology partner is essential to ensuring that your home care facility is compliant, and that your technology solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

Develop analytics to identify patients who would benefit from Care at Home

Identifying patients who would benefit from Care at Home may be a key factor in Care at Home adoption. For example, if Care at Home can reduce preventable adverse health events, then payers and healthcare organizations could see substantial value from Care at Home. In addition to the direct benefits of Care at Home, payers could benefit from improved quality of care, lower medical costs, and enhanced risk coding.

Care at Home providers and payers may also play a role in raising awareness of Care at Home options with members. For example, care management companies could help raise awareness of Care at Home options and facilitate a shift to Care at Home by implementing utilization management policies. They could also provide training to providers and payers to support Care at Home. These factors could also influence Care at Home adoption. For example, physicians may need to be educated on the capabilities and benefits of Care at Home.

Healthcare organizations may need to evaluate which services they can provide in the home and how to reimburse those services. For example, some healthcare organizations may be able to reimburse Care at Home services at parity with traditional reimbursement. The economics of Care at Home may also influence adoption, especially if Care at Home is backed by a value-based strategy that includes specific use cases with favorable economics. Depending on the economics of Care at Home, payers may also want to cover certain services. If Care at Home services are reimbursed at parity with traditional reimbursement, then they may have more incentive to offer them.

Stay compliant

Keeping up with the latest technology is a must for any home care facility. From telephony support to mobile device integration, modern systems keep your patients’ information secure and help you stay HIPAA-compliant. These systems also allow you to complete OBQI reports and HCFA-485 forms, as well as provide internal messaging and signature capture. You can also use them to study referral patterns over time and identify downward trends. This will help you address compliance issues quickly.

In addition, you can also enhance your mobile application experience by partnering with a cloud-based platform. These types of systems allow you to boost mobile applications and enhance your business with complementary software integrations.

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