Tips to Get a Job in the Big 4 CA Firms in India (Tested)

Tips to Get a Job in the Big 4 CA Firms

Chartered Accountant is among the most demanding exam in India and one of the most respected professions. The day students begin to prepare to be certified CA, they dream to work in the Big 4CA firms. You must be wondering what is the Big 4Cs. The Big 4 are the top CA firms in India and the largest international firms dealing in accounting and finance services, offering various services to the public and private sectors.

The Big 4 CA firms are:

  • Deloitte
  • KPMG
  • Ernst & Young (EY),
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC)

Big4 companies provide significant services like Audit consulting, financial services, business advisories, legal services, and more. They make extensive industry insights, operational reporting, financial advisory, business reports, and public sector valuation.

The Big 4 CA firms offer a lucrative CA Salary in India for young, talented, and skilled CA candidates to start their careers at these firms. Apart from it, there are many benefits of starting a chartered accountant job at one of these.

  • Working in the best CA firms in India offers an exponential learning curve. You will learn something new every day and be presented with new challenges.
  • You will get an opportunity to take on big responsibilities at the start of your career.
  • You will get to learn from the best. The benefit of working in the big 4 firms is you will apprentice under highly intelligent, experienced, and successful people.
  • There is no going in the same position for years in big four accounting firms. Annual promotions are guaranteed with them.
  • These top CA firms in India have offices and operations across the globe. They have programs developed to provide international experiences. The skills and expertise you get here might be required in other locations of your company.

How do the Big 4 CA Firms Hire Chartered Accountants?

The Big 4 CA firms have their way of hiring young and skilled chartered accountants. The skills, experience, CA exam performance, attempts, and other factors matter during the hiring. They screen eligible candidates throughout the year according to requirements. They mainly hire through using these ways-

  • Campus placement drives,
  • Organization of Career Fairs,
  • Internal Referrals,
  • One-on-one hiring through various job portals.

1. Campus placement drives

Campus placement drives are a vital way under which the big four accounting companies hire candidates for CA positions. So the campus placements are for new candidates. They test the candidates through aptitude tests and several interview rounds and pair them with organizational departments. Placement drives have a gruelling hiring process and tough competition. So prepare yourself before you collaborate with various colleges and institutes across the country.

2. Organization of Career Fairs

One of the ways to enter the Best CA firms in India is through career fairs. Many event management companies conduct career fairs and Big 4 CA firms are significant at these fairs. Aspiring candidates must visit these fairs and go through the openings in these firms, connect with company representatives, and understand job roles and responsibilities at the fair. Companies connect with candidates and make them aware of their work culture, work categories, clients, and many other aspects.

3. Internal Referrals

One way to enter these top companies is through internal referrals. The employees of one Big 4 CA firm are known as the employees of another. Many times, job opening that requires specialization is in the knowledge of employees who can recommend someone for the position. It is a matter of trust between the candidate and the referee. It has the personal reputation of the employee referring.

4. One-on-one Hiring through Various Job Portals

The one way to enter top firms is through job portals. Big four accounting firms list the current job openings on various job portals along with job descriptions, roles and responsibilities, eligibility criteria, required skills, and other details.

If you match the criteria and fulfil all the other requirements, apply for that job. These firms can access your CV, cover letter, recommendations, and other details on these job portals.

CA Salary in India in Big 4 CA Firms

The big 4Cs are Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, and Ernst & Young. Apart from the various benefits and perks, these firms offer the highest CA salary. The average CA salary in India in Big 4 ca firms is ₹ 12.4 lakhs. The starting salary of a CA in the big 4 is ₹ 07 lakhs.

Company Average Salary Starting Salary
Deloitte ₹ 10.8 lakhs ₹ 8.8 lakhs
PwC ₹ 10.1 lakhs ₹ 07 lakhs
KPMG ₹ 10.9 lakhs ₹ 7.1 lakhs
Ernst & Young ₹ 10.4 lakhs ₹ 7.2 lakhs


Entering in Big 4 CA firms seems challenging but is the most lucrative career opportunity for young CA. These top firms hire some of the skilled and talented CA candidates with high CA salaries in India and provide global exposure. If you are looking to make your way into these firms, the first step is to secure good marks and rank in CA exams with fewer attempts. You can take a CA coaching from VSI Jaipur to prepare for CA exams.

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