How To Choose And Purchase The Fine Quality Green Coffee Beans?

Green coffee beans

Green coffee beans, contrary to their name, are uncooked seeds from the coffee cherry. The green seed contains all of the coffee’s taste potential, which is released during the roast. This is when the beans get a characteristic brown hue.

While green beans allow you to customize the roast and flavor, you will not accomplish a wonderful roast unless these beans are well-picked. The variety and quality of the beans may easily influence whether the cup will be excellent or awful.

Choosing the best green beans for you

There are many different varieties of green beans, and the distinctions affect both how the coffee tastes and how you should roast them. So, if you’re not sure which green beans to choose and want to discover something to your taste, here’s what you should think about:


From what farm did the green beans originate, and where did they grow there? You ought to be aware of the answer to this for two reasons. To begin, each location will have unique variables such as soil, humidity, and climate, all of which will have a significant influence on the flavor and fragrance of the coffee. Second, being able to identify the farm where the coffee was grown is typically an indicator of a batch of high quality.

Climate & temperature

Another important consideration is the height at which the green beans are produced. In general, greater elevations result in cooler temperatures. This causes slower development, enabling more sugars to form. What effect does this have on the flavor? When compared to beans grown at higher temperatures, the beans can have more diverse flavor profiles, sweetness, and often more acidity.

Processing & handling

Processing refers to how the coffee seeds are extracted from the fruit, and the sort of processing used has a significant impact on the final taste of the coffee. So, if you want to locate a coffee that suits you, look at how the green beans were processed and select one that provides a flavor profile that appeals to you.

The most common approaches are.

  1. Natural (or dry) processing is sun-drying the entire newly plucked coffee cherry with the seed still inside, generally on raised beds. This process yields coffees that are full-bodied, sweet, smooth, and nuanced.
  2. Washed (or wet) processing removes the seed from the fruit before drying, resulting in cleaner, brighter, fruitier, and more acidic coffees.  

Equal size for beans for specialty coffee roasters

You must ensure that the coffee beans are fairly consistent. Although the beans are usually sorted beforehand, if you buy coffee directly from farmers, the quality might be extremely uneven. While beans of like size will roast perfectly in the specialty coffee roasters at the same rate. Green beans should be comparable in size and color since the same hue indicates that they have been handled and matured in similar ways. 


As a result, if you cannot buy directly from farmers, we recommend choosing importers that have a reputation for procuring beans in a way that is fair to employees and does not affect the environment. The importer should be dedicated to transparency and give full green coffee traceability.

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