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Gaurav Heera: Digital Marketing is a storm that has the power to blow away orthodox methods of promoting and advertising thereby influencing the lifestyle of masses. Many times the government itself has focused on the need of building a strong digital marketing platform to educate, aware and enforce ideas. In a move to digitize marketing there are two aspects to it either there is promotion of brands to make them a part of their lifestyle or promote easy ways of doing things and make digitization as a part of living itself. 

For the first there is enough discussion and research. However for the second aspect we need to focus on how lifestyle is being influenced by digital marketing. The prominent example of this aspect is digital transactions. There have been enough steps to comfort the mode of transactions so that people can trust new ways of digital transactions as a safe, secure, fast and effective way of payment over the past orthodox ways.

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The important thing to focus on the ways in which digital marketing has convinced youth that digital transaction is the key to an improved standard of living. In an interview, Sujatha V Kumar, Head of marketing for India and South Asia, VISA , has explained that VISA rolled out two co- marketing campaigns with SBI and ICICI banks recently. Infact they have successfully accomplished three big marketing campaigns for ICICI, SBI and HDFC cards. 

On delving further about the rationale behind incorporating marketing into payment mechanism, it was found that for a common man there is no such thing as VISA card rather they identify with bank names as brands. In Indian market customers come to VISA through banks and not directly. So it is crucial for VISA to build a rapport with customers and effectively communicate their roles to the masses. In recent economic guidelines RBI increased the limit from 2000 to 5000 on contactless card transactions so it becomes even more important for VISA to be a known brand.

From the marketing strategy of VISA there are some pivotal marketing lessons to learn such as : influencer marketing  direct customer interaction, B2C marketing. In order to learn the role of digital marketing in the digital transaction sector there is the need to understand how click baits, pay per click offers, email- marketing and messages play their roles. All these facets of digital marketing spread awareness and interact with customers and infact assure them that digital platforms for transactions are safe and secure. 

Besides catering to concern for safety, digital marketing tools also present a rosy picture of how well the digital platforms with their offers has made life easy for people. There is an encouragement in form of cash rebates to enlarge the user base of digital transaction platforms and contribute to its success.

This article tries to give its readers a sneak into the role digital marketing plays in enthralling success of digital payment platforms. 

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Gaurav Digital is a digital marketing expert, educator & branding expert having more than a decade experience. Currently he heads Delhi Courses Academy, an institute best known for its most advanced & practical digital marketing course.

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