Guidelines To Follow To Pick The Best Men’s Custom Cowboy Hats

One of the cowboy’s most important pieces of equipment is his hat. There is something about wearing a truly custom cowboy hat that makes someone excited. These vintage art pieces are the signature of style. There are so many different styles and shapes of cowboy hats in the market. If you are conscious to maintain your status in front of everyone, a custom-made cowboy hat is the best option for you. If you want your cowboy hat, you can order mens custom cowboy hats.

It pays to have some guidance for choosing the perfect one for you. Here are certain guidelines that you can follow to pick the best custom cowboy hat for yourself. 


Basically, one of the biggest determiners of a cowboy hat’s shape is the crease in the crown. These different styles evolved to help fit various purposes. So, before choosing custom-made cowboy hats for men, you must know some common types of those hats. Like, for cattlemen, crease refers to a single crease straight down the center of the crown. It also has two different dents on each side. There is also a diamond-shaped pinched hat which is similar to a fedora and is called a pinch point. A total flat crown is known as a gambler. A rounded crown is called an open crown. There is also a hat that has a tall brim with three creases at the front, which is called Gus. By following these, you can get more specific with your hat’s shape, and curves. 

Face shape

If you pick out an outfit for you, it’s important to pick it based on your body shape. The same is true of hats. If you want a perfect custom hat, knowing your facial profile is mandatory to choose the right-shaped custom hat. Usually, the craftsman or seller always recommends you choose the appropriate one such as medium to tall height crowns to round shape faced person. You can use a wide-brimmed open-crease hat if you have a square-shaped face. A pinch crease hat is always suggested to the heart-shaped-faced person. A medium-sized cattleman crown is always suitable for a long-shaped face. You can design your personalized cowboy hats


The hat you choose may change depending on whether you’re wearing the hat for a party or riding. High crowns can keep you warmer in cold weather. Low crowns don’t accumulate hot air. You can also try wide brims which are ideal for keeping out wind and rain. Larger crowns are also available in the market which allows you to pull the hat further down on your head. It is also an iconic style for professional cowboys. In western culture, men carry these beautiful pieces to maintain their status. For example, Gus’s hat is for dancing.   


These handmade art pieces are the most fashionable items which can maintain your image in your society. These are pretty budget-friendly, so you can easily buy those things from your nearby market or online market. These items are also used as promotional ice buckets.

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