Get To Know More About Thiruvananthapuram Temple

Temples have always been one of the most influential epitomes of our cultural values. Their architecture built and influence on society makes them the epicenter of culture and tradition where people in large gatherings offer their prayers with full trust to the deity residing in the temple and put in great efforts to please their almighty lord to get their wishes granted. 

About Thirupampuram

Thirupampuram, the land of ancient heritage, also has one of the most popular temples in our country which is popularly known by the name – of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple. It is one of the most popular ancient pilgrim sites for the Hindus where they believe resides their Padmanabhaswamy, who showers his blessings on his followers and grants their wishes by blessing them with prosperity and good health. 

Thiruvananthapuram, itself means ‘The land of Lord Vishnu’. People from the entire country visit this land to offer their prayers to Lord Padmanabhaswamy. Thirupampuram temple opening timing or darshan timing is basically from 03:30 AM to 12:00 noon. The Thiruvananthapuram temple usually opens during the Brahma muhurta and then after the scan and shringar of Lord Padmanabhaswamy, the aarti is performed and then the believers and devotees of the Lord are allowed to take a glimpse of their lord, and offer their prayers to the almighty. And till 12:00 noon, the devotees are allowed for the darshan, and after that, the Lord is offered to take rest. Then during the evening hours from 05:00 PM to 08:30 PM, again the doors of the temple are opened and again the huge gatherings of devotees come up to take the blessings of the Lord Padmanabhaswamy by performing the evening aarti there. 

Thiruvananthapuram temple is also considered one of the richest temples in our country where the devotees leave no stone unturned to please their lord by offering huge amounts of wealth to the lord in terms of gold, silver, diamond, and money. The cash is usually collected in the number of crores which reveals how many people usually visit the temple and how large offerings are made to the lord. Not only cash, but the collection of gold at the temple is also great in amount and people shower their love for their almighty by offering different things made up of gold, silver, and diamonds. The cash collected is usually spent in the upkeep and maintaining the temple and its related properties.  

The architectural value of Thiruvananthpuram temple is great. It is a national heritage that should be cherished and maintained in all possible ways to reveal to the upcoming generations how great our cultural heritage is. The built quality of the temple is a scenic beauty that attracts devotees from even faraway lands towards it. 


Thiruvananthpuram temple is one of the most popular ancient sites which is not only a part of our cultural values but also holds its significance in terms of our heritage and patrimony. 

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