Wire Stripping Tool Accessories

Wire Stripping Tool Accessories

The lack of proper accessories and tools can cause unwanted downtimes that result in frustration and the loss of earnings. This is why electrical maintenance professionals need to make sure they have the right accessories and tools to guarantee that they will be able to get the job done in a safe, efficient and accurate manner while making it simple to carry out replacements and repairs. 

Scheduled and unscheduled repairs alike can be made a lot easier by having the correct wire stripping tool available for cable and wire maintenance needs and there are some key items that should be considered by all electrical maintenance professionals.

Cable stripper

A cable stripper is small enough to fit into a pocket or toolbox easily and can be utilised to cut cables that range from 0.25 to seven-eighths of an inch outside diameter. They make a snug for the hand, making them easier to cut with, and it is important to ensure that a cable stripper comes with a calibrated micrometre, as this ensures a precise cutting depth. 

Replacement blades should be kept handy to ensure smooth cuts every time. 

Heavy-duty wire stripper

Heavy-duty wire strippers are perfect for stripping rubber-jacketed cables and can be used to strip wire instead of a box cutter, which is something of a fire hazard when performing the latter task. It can help to strip jacketing on cables that range from a quarter of an inch to two and a quarter inches in size safely and easily. 

Additional replacement blades should also be kept on hand with this tool to ensure you can get the best possible cut every time. 

Large-handle cable cutters

A large handle cable cutter is capable of easily cutting aluminium and copper cable of up to an inch and a half in diameter. The blades should be forged, rust-resistant steel to ensure a clean cut with minimal distortion. 

Forged steel can also be re-sharpened to provide a longer life span. 

Ratcheting cable cutters

Ratcheting cable cutters are also used for cutting copper or aluminium cables of up to an inch and a half in diameter and are good for cutting cables in confined spaces. The cutting experience is safer and easier with this tool when adding extra torque, and the handle should come with an anti-slip coating to offer an easier grip. 

It is also a good idea to ensure the blades are made of hardened steel to make them resistant to rust and for re-sharpening. 

Small wire strippers

Small wire strippers are ideal for use on small cables that have an outside diameter that ranges from 0.0395 inches to 0.1260 inches. They are very compact and lightweight, which makes them easy to fit inside a toolbox or even a back pocket, and they can strip electrical wire in a highly efficient manner without crushing or cutting the wires or any wire filaments. 

Insulated electrical tape is another important accessory for those who use wire-stripping tools regularly.

The use of these tools and accessories helps to ensure electrical devices and machinery continue running efficiently. View the range at RS for more information.

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